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Last active April 27, 2016 14:02
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// a simple function to compose a function
// you can skip the reading of this function if you want
var compose = function(){
var fns =
return function composed(){
var thisCall = this
var args =
if ( !== '[object Array]') args = [args]
args = fn.apply(thisCall, args)
return args
// take a list of Strings and return a list of up case strings
var toUpperCase = function(list) {
return{return x.toUpperCase()})
// take a list of Strings and return a list of length
var length = function(list) {
return{return x.length})
// take a list of Integer and return the sum
var sum = function(list) {
var sum = 0
list.forEach(function(x){sum += x})
return sum
// chain all these functions and produce a new
var sumCharsOnList = compose(sum, length, toUpperCase)
sumCharsOnList(["NX", "PS4", "XboxOne"])
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// brief explanation of what happens here
var sumCharsOnList = compose(sum, lenght, toUpperCase)
sumCharsOnList(["NX", "PS4", "XboxOne"])

// --> first the list ["NX", "PS4", "XboxOne"] is passed to the function toUpperCase
// --> toUpperCase returns another list and it's the input for the lenght function
// --> the lenght function return a list of integers which will become the input for sum function
// --> sum function will reduce the list summing all the integers and returning the sum

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