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Basics - Hands On 2

In this section of the hands on we will switch from tag based code to script based code and create a structure of data. We will then output that on the page.

Tags Used: <cfscript>, <cfoutput>

  1. Open up the /www/about.cfm file in your code editor.
  2. Locate line 1 and write an opening and closing <cfscript> block. Put the closing </cfscript> tag on the second line. Your code should look something like this:
  3. In between the opening and closing <cfscript> tags, create a struct by write the following code:
    personalInfo = {name='', dob='', address='', phonenumber='', email='', website='', skype=''};
  4. For each variable of the personalInfo struct, provide some information (you do not have to use real information if you prefer not to).
  5. Locate the [Name] placeholder text on or around line 116.
  6. Replace [Name] with
  7. Replace the other placeholders with their matching variables in the personalInfo struct.
  8. Wrap all the <div> tags with the class of clr in a <cfoutput> tag. Your code should look similar to this:
    	<div class="clr"><div class="input-box">Name </div><span></span> </div>
    	<div class="clr"><div class="input-box">Date of birth </div><span> #personalInfo.dob#</span></div>
    	<div class="clr"><div class="input-box">Address</div><span> #personalInfo.address#</span></div>
    	<div class="clr"><div class="input-box">Phone</div> <span>#personalInfo.phoneNumber#</span>  </div>
    	<div class="clr"><div class="input-box">E-mail</div><span><a href="#"></a></span>  </div>
    	<div class="clr"><div class="input-box">Website </div> <span><a href="#"></a></span> </div> 
    	<div class="clr"><div class="box1">Skype </div> <span><a href="#"></a></span> </div> 
  9. To test that your changes have taken place, load the /www/about.cfm page in your browser.
  10. Notice that you have received a ColdFusion Error. The error states that it has found an Invalid CFML construct. This is due to the single # signs inside the links for email, website, and Skype. ColdFusion uses the # sign to denote variables and it is trying to evaluate everything between the first # sign and the next one. To resolve the error, we must escape the single # signs.
  11. Locate the link that wraps around the email output on or around line 121.
  12. Update the value of the href attribute to ## rather than #. You're <a> tag should look similar to this:
    <a href="##">
  13. Do this also for the website and Skype links.
  14. Refresh the /www/about.cfm page in your browser and confirm that you now see your information being displayed.


  1. Convert all remaining .html pages to .cfm pages.
  2. Update all navigation links to point to the .cfm files rather than the .html files.
  3. Create a structure on the Contact page that stores your address, phone number, email, and Skype information; display it on the right hand side under Contact Info.

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