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Action Mailbox: The Missing Manual

This is all you really need to know in order to make Action Mailbox work in development.

  1. Fire up ngrok http 3000 and make note of your subdomain for steps 3 and 8.
  2. Create a Mailgun account because they offer sandbox addresses; grab your domain from the Dashboard.
  3. Go into Receiving and create a catch-all route pointing to:
  4. Add your Mailgun API key to your credentials:
  mailgun_api_key: API KEY HERE
  1. rails action_mailbox:install
  2. rake db:migrate
  3. rails generate mailbox incoming
  4. Add the following to your config/environments/development.rb
  config.action_mailbox.ingress = :mailgun
  config.hosts << ""
  1. Make sure your config/sidekiq.yml is monitoring the action_mailbox_routing queue.
  2. Configure your application_mailbox.rb with whatever routing you need; example below.
  3. Configure your incoming_mailbox.rb as you wish; example below.

You should now be able to send an email to test@MAILGUN-SANDBOX-DOMAIN.

class ApplicationMailbox < ActionMailbox::Base
# routing /^info@/i => :incoming
routing all: :incoming
class IncomingMailbox < ApplicationMailbox
# before_processing
# around_processing
# after_processing
# before_processing do
# unless User.exist?(email: mail.from)
# bounce_with Mailer.user_not_found(mail)
# end
# end
def process
# puts mail.methods - Object.methods
# mail.content, mail.subject, mail.has_attachments?
puts mail.inspect

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@stuarthub stuarthub commented Feb 6, 2020

One small change needed here..
You shouldn't call #deliver_later on the ActionMailer message when passing it into bounce_with because #deliver_later gets called on the message internally.

Here's the source from ActionMailbox::Base#bounce_with

# Enqueues the given +message+ for delivery and changes the inbound email's status to +:bounced+.
    def bounce_with(message)

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Owner Author

@leastbad leastbad commented Feb 8, 2020

@stuarthub thanks so much! I'll update right now.

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