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Last active Nov 23, 2019
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Lucifer Bimbisara or Francois unsuperscribed, a Nano-NaNoGenMo generated novel #NNNGM

Lucifer Bimbisara or Francois unsuperscribed

A Nano-NaNoGenMo entry for NaNoGenMo 2019

This is my second nano-NaNoGenMo entry

I recently learned about the existence of the words file /usr/share/dict/words that comes standard on Linux/BSD computers (including Macs). It's a line-delimited list of words.

Inside usr/share/dict are these text files:


I thought that would make a good corpus for a Nano-NaNoGenMo entry, Nick Montfort's 2019 challenge #NNNGM to generate a novel using < 255 chars. Although all are worth investigating, I only ended up using words, connectives and propernames.

I already submitted an earlier #NNNGM entry this year: Don't ever talk to me or my son or my son's son or my son's son's son or my.....

For this entry, I decided to try my hand at scripting in Fish shell. I'm a big Fish shell fan and have been using it for a number of years but always avoided getting into the nitty gritty of fish shell scripting, which is supposed to be more regular than Bash scripting, but not compatible with it. With some searching I found this tutorial by Nicolas VanHoren and decided to try my hand at scripting with Fish.

The code is obfuscated because I needed to get it down to less than 255 characters. Let's make it a bit more verbose and walk through the logic. Forgive me, i'm a teacher.

Code walkthrough

for q in (seq 16667 -1 1)

Create a for-in loop. We need to loop 16667 times since we'll print out 3 words each loop and need at least 50000 words.

cat propernames | head -(random 1 1308) | tail -1 | tr '\n' ' '>>f

Output the propernames file and pass it to head, which prints out starting on a line that is a randomly selected number between 1 and 1308 (there are 1308 names in the file, and therefore 1308 lines. We must start from 1 and not 0 because there is no line 0. Fish's random always picks an integer. head tells the program to start reading out from the randomly selected line until the tail, which is -1 so it will print just a single line. I pass this output to tr the translate characters program and tell it to convert the \n (aka newline) to spaces. I do this because the word files are 1 word per line, but I want my novel to be separated by spaces not line returns. Lastly, I pass the word output to a file named f.

cat words | head -(random 1 235886) | tail -1 | tr '\n' ' '>>f

Very similar to the line above except this time we are pulling from the words file instead of propernames, and since it's a much larger file we give a much larger top limit for random. Again, I push the final resulting word to the end of the file named f. How did I know how many words in the words file? I ran cat words | wc -w so wordcount counted the number of words for me.

cat connectives | head -(random 1 150) | tail -1 >>f

Same idea. Now I'm pulling a word from the connectives file, which is something like connecting words I think. Again, I pop it onto the end of f. I made an artistic choice here. I liked the look of 3-word stanzas. I think it's more readable, so I didn't strip out the newline at the end of each set of 3 words here. This also shaves off some characters.


Pretty simple, this ends each iteration of the for-in loop. Only 16666 more iterations.

A generated output

Raw text here

A note on style and creative choices

As this is a sub-255 character program, a significant part of the creativity lies in the coding approach, at least as important potentially than the actual output generated. I came up with a very simple formula to generate my text: a proper name, a connective word, a word word, and then start the loop anew until I hit about 50,000 words. This is obviously an overly-simple formula. For me, the fun and creativity was figuring out how to generate the text, learn a bit in a new to me language, and work my way through inevitable bugs and challenges in this tiny program. If I wanted to go deeper or extend this, I could use the other word files in the usr/share/dict directory (especially intrigued by web2a), and write more complex grammar generators.


  • Fish shell
  • a words, propernames and connectives text files. Alternatively, you could replace these with the full path to their names. I didn't do this so I could stay under the word char limit of 255.

A sample wordlist

Example generated text excerpt:

Lucifer Bimbisara or
Francois unsuperscribed did
Neal prudish mr
Manuel hypalgia make
Eddie anomaloflorous even
Ilya gummous man
Mott zoea against
Peter flunkyite which
Santa leafboy she
Mott brob time
Danielle turnipwise is
Lui menorrhagic me
Rafael Powhatan take
Spock Sikkimese did
Naresh went from
Gregor wedset both
Piete circovarian another
Hui inhalant so
Robert pictured good
Nhan chafer these
Niels anorthosite also
Terry nonbankable we
Jelske elderbrotherly where
Mario cohere came
Ronald Leonist made
Leila poppel way
Emma jaunce little
Miles cacochymic man
Walter otiorhynchid more
Scott mesozoan an
Santa exsurgent what
Doyle derangement could
Werner sirupy each
Becky girr never

High five to Fish shell:

 /T            \_--===)
 [ \ (0)   \~    \_-==)
  \      / )J~~    \-=)
   \\\\___/  )JJ~~~   \)
    \_____/JJ~~~~~    \\
    / \  , \J~~~~~     \\
   (-\)\=|\\\\\~~~~       L__
   (\\\\)  (\\\\\)_           \==__
    \V    \\\\\) ===_____   \\\\\\\\\\\\
           \V)     \_) \\\\\\\\JJ\J\)
                       (JJJ| \UUU)
Lucifer Bimbisara or
Francois unsuperscribed did
Neal prudish mr
Manuel hypalgia make
Eddie anomaloflorous even
Ilya gummous man
Mott zoea against
Peter flunkyite which
Santa leafboy she
Mott brob time
Danielle turnipwise is
Lui menorrhagic me
Rafael Powhatan take
Spock Sikkimese did
Naresh went from
Gregor wedset both
Piete circovarian another
Hui inhalant so
Robert pictured good
Nhan chafer these
Niels anorthosite also
Terry nonbankable we
Jelske elderbrotherly where
Mario cohere came
Ronald Leonist made
Leila poppel way
Emma jaunce little
Miles cacochymic man
Walter otiorhynchid more
Scott mesozoan an
Santa exsurgent what
Doyle derangement could
Werner sirupy each
Becky girr never
Jeff outflare have
Billie pyroxylene while
Manjeri rampler up
Gregory labradorite year
Hilda palatelike another
Jeremy chore under
Kristian telectroscope which
Danny Calydonian no
Rafael quarterer off
Rob pedestrially in
Marc affiliation because
Frank laceman two
Irfan mordicative your
Jean scutcher while
Kimmo myographist a
Reinhard Cicadidae against
Bea philologic mr
Hy upraise they
Samuel hypocrisy did
Calvin bubblement and
Clifford scout are
Graham neorealism two
Narendra semibejan may
Stacy thoracoscopy he
Tricia supracensorious after
Elaine ammonitiferous new
Ted Hamal many
Wolfgang catechize year
Kristen thermonuclear same
Jeremy multifilament own
Meehan grawls also
Guy vacuole each
Judge unwaverable way
Judith Balkar man
Sergiu premodify world
Cary brachyurous make
Victoria osteoclasia right
Susanne noncerebral too
Deb pastrami into
Toft preserver before
Patty twalpenny never
Brandi ascogenous under
Leora fendillation it
Owen patronymy will
Moe oiltight what
Courtney frequently he
Saqib sedateness at
Kiki Zeelander then
Audrey cotransfuse like
Danielle cephalomere how
Glen stiffness most
Seth notarial were
Carter swarf will
Steen uninebriating from
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Mohammad remock out
Ramneek statistics was
Juergen consumingly had
Nigel deucedly from
Al hematocytoblast while
Neal klipspringer to
Collin infirmary they
Claudia asteam with
Sandip railroadiana only
Valentin tint but
Kurt disprivacied since
Dori unstifled its
Tolerant Petrarchism what
Tandy anamnionic never
Duncan Antidicomarian him
Space frustule were
Wolf massively one
Polly Distomidae there
Jiri synartetic under
Fay chylophylly my
Philip applaudable very
Jarvis tadpole where
Reinhard inferoanterior if
Shahid vignettist work
Murthy omnivalent some
Jordan jeweling the
Kamiya pronograde be
Josh persuasive used
Brent Erik into
Winnie fraught them
Sanche somewhen can
Gideon postern is
Jeannette Calotermitidae over
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Malloy nongrey said
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Francis abstemiously all
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