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Forked from marians/main.go
Created March 23, 2020 14:58
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OAuth 2.0 authentication in a Golang CLI
package main
import (
var (
conf *oauth2.Config
ctx context.Context
func callbackHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
queryParts, _ := url.ParseQuery(r.URL.RawQuery)
// Use the authorization code that is pushed to the redirect
// URL.
code := queryParts["code"][0]
log.Printf("code: %s\n", code)
// Exchange will do the handshake to retrieve the initial access token.
tok, err := conf.Exchange(ctx, code)
if err != nil {
log.Printf("Token: %s", tok)
// The HTTP Client returned by conf.Client will refresh the token as necessary.
client := conf.Client(ctx, tok)
resp, err := client.Get("")
if err != nil {
} else {
log.Println(color.CyanString("Authentication successful"))
defer resp.Body.Close()
// show succes page
msg := "<p><strong>Success!</strong></p>"
msg = msg + "<p>You are authenticated and can now return to the CLI.</p>"
fmt.Fprintf(w, msg)
func main() {
ctx = context.Background()
conf = &oauth2.Config{
ClientID: "cli",
ClientSecret: "",
Scopes: []string{"openid", "profile"},
Endpoint: oauth2.Endpoint{
AuthURL: "",
TokenURL: "",
// my own callback URL
RedirectURL: "",
// add transport for self-signed certificate to context
tr := &http.Transport{
TLSClientConfig: &tls.Config{InsecureSkipVerify: true},
sslcli := &http.Client{Transport: tr}
ctx = context.WithValue(ctx, oauth2.HTTPClient, sslcli)
// Redirect user to consent page to ask for permission
// for the scopes specified above.
url := conf.AuthCodeURL("state", oauth2.AccessTypeOffline)
log.Println(color.CyanString("You will now be taken to your browser for authentication"))
time.Sleep(1 * time.Second)
time.Sleep(1 * time.Second)
log.Printf("Authentication URL: %s\n", url)
http.HandleFunc("/oauth/callback", callbackHandler)
log.Fatal(http.ListenAndServe(":9999", nil))
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