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czivko / vendor-ffmpeg-x264-mp3lame-heroku
Last active Dec 10, 2015 — forked from coopermaruyama/vendor-ffmpeg-heroku
How to compile ffmpeg with h264 and mp3 encoders enabled for use on heroku.
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## Get FFMpeg working on heroku by building binaries using vulcan
# also added instructions on how to compile with libmp3lame and libx264
gem install vulcan
vulcan create foo
#clone the app vulcan just created
git clone
kevincennis / bounce.js
Created Jul 13, 2013
Bounce an AudioBuffer to WAV with RecorderWorker.js
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// assuming you have an AudioBuffer instance called `buffer`,
// and an AudioContext (or OfflineAudioContext) called `ctx`...
// create a new Worker...
var worker = new Worker('recorderWorker.js');
// get it started and send some config data...
command: 'init',
brainix /
Last active Jan 3, 2016
Install the do_postgres gem with
gem install do_postgres -- \
--with-pgsql-server-dir=/Applications/ \
twoblokeswithapostie / gist:9359477
Created Mar 5, 2014
Code using Momentjs for finding, today, this weekend, this months and next month to and from dates
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// JavaScript code that finds dates for today, this weekend, this month, next month
// This weekend = next Sat and Sun
// This month = today to end of this month
// Next month = 1st of next month = end of next month
// Useful on Business Catalyst web app search form for searching from-to dates
// Requires jquery and moment.js
$('#today_nav').on("click", function(){
biilmann /
Created Oct 14, 2015
Quick Guide to Private NPM Modules on Netlify

Using NPM Private Modules on Netlify

Create a .npmrc file for your project like this:


Then find your token inside the ~/.npmrc file in your home folder and set it as an NPM_TOKEN environment variable through netlify's admin UI.