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Code using Momentjs for finding, today, this weekend, this months and next month to and from dates
// JavaScript code that finds dates for today, this weekend, this month, next month
// This weekend = next Sat and Sun
// This month = today to end of this month
// Next month = 1st of next month = end of next month
// Useful on Business Catalyst web app search form for searching from-to dates
// Requires jquery and moment.js
$('#today_nav').on("click", function(){
$('#thisweekend_nav').on("click", function(){
$('#thismonth_nav').on("click", function(){
dateSearch(moment().format('DD-MMM-YYYY'),moment().add('months', 1).date(0).format('DD-MMM-YYYY'));
$('#nextmonth_nav').on("click", function(){
var next_month = moment().get('month') + 1;
var now = moment();
var first_next_month = nextMonth(now,next_month).format('DD-MMM-YYYY');
dateSearch(first_next_month,moment().add('months', 2).date(0).format('DD-MMM-YYYY'));
$('#featured_nav').on("click", function(){
$('#featured_checkbox').prop('checked', true);
function dateSearch(from_date,to_date){
function nextMonth(date, month) {
var input = moment(date);
var output = input.clone().startOf('month').month(month);
return output > input ? output : output.add('years', 1);
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