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<Leeol> mattpardee: lol it's been hours, and i reopened that project that was having issues before.. and immediately it pops up with the same task it was trying back then
<Leeol> "[leeolayvar@cloud9]:/workspace$ git add lib/bin/" :s
<Leeol> Now it's trying to quit
<Leeol> Seems like everything is currently running fine, it just is hung up on that one process (that probably doesn't even exist)
<Leeol> And now files aren't loading
<Leeol> And it says offline
━━▶ Joins: mattpardee_ (
<Leeol> mattpardee_: Ack, i was talking to the wrong mattpardee :P

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commented Jul 20, 2012

[leeolayvar@cloud9]:/workspace$ git add lib/bin/
TERM environment variable not set.
TERM environment variable not set.
[leeolayvar@cloud9]:/workspace$ top

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