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Lee Packham leepa

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SSO Sync

Helping you populate AWS SSO directly with your Google Apps users

Runs on any platform that Go can build for.


As per the AWS SSO Homepage:

View bottlerocket.ts
const cluster = new bottle.BottlerocketCluster(this, 'Cluster');
const ami = ssm.StringParameter.valueForStringParameter(this, '/aws/service/bottlerocket/aws-k8s-1.15/x86_64/latest/image_id');
cluster.node.findAll().forEach(s => {
if (s instanceof asg.CfnLaunchConfiguration) {
const asg = s as asg.CfnLaunchConfiguration;
asg.imageId = ami;
View gist:515bfabc1beca3b9b717c6dcbc2686c4
import cdk = require('@aws-cdk/core');
import autoscaling = require('@aws-cdk/aws-autoscaling');
import ec2 = require('@aws-cdk/aws-ec2');
import eks = require('@aws-cdk/aws-eks');
import iam = require('@aws-cdk/aws-iam');
import fs = require('fs');
import path = require('path');
import { safeLoadAll, safeLoad } from 'js-yaml';
extern crate lambda_runtime as lambda;
extern crate log;
extern crate simple_logger;
extern crate serde_derive;
extern crate chrono;
use lambda::{error::HandlerError, lambda};
leepa /
Created Dec 5, 2018
Partial - this is the structure for S3 events
#[derive(Deserialize, Debug)]
struct S3Event {
#[serde(rename = "Records")]
records: Vec<S3EventRecord>,
#[derive(Deserialize, Debug)]
struct S3EventRecord {
#[serde(rename = "eventVersion")]
View Dockerfile
FROM amazonlinux:1
ENV RUSTUP_HOME=/usr/local/rustup \
CARGO_HOME=/usr/local/cargo \
PATH=/usr/local/cargo/bin:$PATH \
RUN set -eux; \
yum update -y ;\
yum install -y wget ;\
View gist:824041adc4d7c824fd5139567c130965
Interval 10
LoadPlugin logfile
<Plugin logfile>
LogLevel debug
Timestamp true
PrintSeverity true
View 01.configure
2015-11-13 11:41:17 +0000
configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --with-libsodium
checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c
checking whether build environment is sane... yes
View gist:69ff1b6371d2f0ee51ab
# This shell script passes all its arguments to the binary inside the
# application bundle. If you make links to this script as view,
# gvim, etc., then it will peek at the name used to call it and set options
# appropriately.
# Based on a script by Wout Mertens and suggestions from Laurent Bihanic. This
# version is the fault of Benji Fisher, 16 May 2005 (with modifications by Nico
# Weber and Bjorn Winckler, Aug 13 2007).
leepa / jessie.rb
Created Apr 30, 2015
Jessie 'Service' Provider for Puppet - it will work around to ensure services don't keep getting enabled.
View jessie.rb
Puppet::Type.type(:service).provide :jessie, :parent => :systemd do
desc "Manages `systemd` services using `systemctl` on jessie."
defaultfor :osfamily => :debian, :operatingsystem => :debian, :operatingsystemmajrelease => "8"
def get_start_link_count
def enabled?
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