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Simulate drag and drop workaround for protractor
Original unmodified code (some changes were required to fit our needs i.e our dnd directive).
The following code is a workaround for
There appears to be a bug with selenium chrome driver where by html5 drag and drop (dnd)
events don't fire when using either:
browser.actions().dragAndDrop(dragElement, dropElement).perform();
.mouseMove({x:0, y:100})
module.exports = function(sourceNode, destinationNode) {
const DRAG_OVER = 'dragover';
const DRAG_END = 'dragend';
const DRAG_START = 'dragstart';
const DROP = 'drop';
const createCustomEvent = (type) => {
const event = new CustomEvent('CustomEvent');
event.initCustomEvent(type, true, true, null);
event.dataTransfer = {
data: {},
setData (type, val) {[type] = val;
getData (type) {
// This ensures the directives 'dnd-moved=""' callback is fired
// on the 'dragend' event, removing the original dragged element..
dropEffect: 'move'
return event;
const dispatchEvent = (node, event) => {
if (node.dispatchEvent) {
return node.dispatchEvent(event);
// dnd-lists >= 2.0.0 uses a custom MIME type of 'application/x-dnd' which it uses to lookup the '' object.
// If a custom type is added using the 'dnd-type="'xxxx'"' attribute it is appended to the default type i.e 'application/x-dnd-xxxx'.
// We need to add the type here so dnd-list can access the '' object in the drop event handler.
const addType = (sourceNode) => {
const defaultType = 'application/x-dnd';
const customType = sourceNode.getAttribute('dnd-type');
if (customType) {
// Remove single quotes if any present.
// dnd-list converts any types provided by 'dnd-type="'xXxX'"' to lowercase, so match that here.
const formattedStr = customType.replace(/'/g,'');
return [`${defaultType}-${formattedStr.toLowerCase()}`];
return [defaultType];
const event = createCustomEvent(DRAG_START);
event.dataTransfer.types = addType(sourceNode, destinationNode);
dispatchEvent(sourceNode, event);
const dragOverEvent = createCustomEvent(DRAG_OVER);
dragOverEvent.dataTransfer = event.dataTransfer;
dispatchEvent(destinationNode, dragOverEvent);
// When the the first element is dragged over the second element a placeholder
// element will appear, this becomes the element the dragged element drops upon.
const dropNode = document.querySelector('.dndPlaceholder');
const dropEvent = createCustomEvent(DROP);
dropEvent.dataTransfer = event.dataTransfer;
dispatchEvent(dropNode, dropEvent);
const dragEndEvent = createCustomEvent(DRAG_END);
dragEndEvent.dataTransfer = event.dataTransfer;
dispatchEvent(sourceNode, dragEndEvent);
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