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Scripts used to copy data from monthly DynamoDB tables into one table, performs simple transformation of Joda DateTime string to Unix Epoch. See
-- Script to migrate data from monthly tables into one table.
-- filename: dynamotodynamo.hive
-- author: leewc
-- Instructions:
-- Run: hive -hiveconf domain="Devo" -hiveconf region="NA" -hiveconf yyyymm=201604 -f dynamoTodynamo.hive
-- Variables passed from bash are accessible via hiveconf.
-- Variables are case-sensitive i.e test != Test
-- start with a clean slate.
DROP TABLE src_table_db;
DROP TABLE dst_table_db;
-- set time to live (expiration date for queries) in seconds. (one year in this example)
set hivevar:ttl = 31536000;
-- set read and write percentage capacities
SET dynamodb.throughput.write.percent = 10;
SET = 0.5;
!echo "Read Write Capacity Percentages set.";
!echo "USING DOMAIN: ${hiveconf:domain} REGION: ${hiveconf:region} ";
-- note that in column mapping it's left side to right side: [ HIVE_COLUMN -> DDB_COLUMN ]
CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE src_table_db (CustomerID string, DateTime string, URLClicked string, OrderID string, ProductID string)
STORED BY 'org.apache.hadoop.hive.dynamodb.DynamoDBStorageHandler'
TBLPROPERTIES ("" = "CustomerTracker_{hiveconf:domain}_${hiveconf:region}_${hiveconf:yyyymm}",
"dynamodb.column.mapping" = "CustomerID:CustomerID,DateTime:DateTime,URLClicked:URLClicked,OrderID:OrderID,ProductID:ProductID");
-- In the above table properties you can also perform mapping to columns that are differently named between Hive and DynamoDB,
-- but in this example there's no need to.
CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE dst_table_db (CustomerID string, CreationDateTime bigint, ExpirationTimestamp bigint, OrderID string)
STORED BY 'org.apache.hadoop.hive.dynamodb.DynamoDBStorageHandler'
TBLPROPERTIES ("" = "${hiveconf:domain}_${hiveconf:region}_AnniversaryPromo_2017",
"dynamodb.column.mapping" = "CustomerID:CustomerID,CreationDateTime:CreationDateTime,ExpirationTimestamp:ExpirationTimestamp,OrderID:OrderID");
!echo "CREATED DESTINATION TABLE. Describing all tables.. ";
DESCRIBE src_table_db;
DESCRIBE dst_table_db;
!echo "Starting the copy ... ";
!echo "Using a Time to Live value of ${hivevar:ttl} for the expiration date.";
-- Parse the CreationDateTime from Joda human time to epoch and also do this for the expiration with the additional TTL.
--- We are effectively copying the data, then transforming it on the fly to get ExpirationTimeStamp and CreationTimeStamp in the right format, this will allow for TTL.
--- We lose some accuracy when converting to epoch as the format stored is in Joda time and the built-in Hive functions do not support that.
--- We can get around the formatting issue by loading a custom Joda time UDF, but it's more trouble than it's worth right now for this use case. See
SELECT CustomerID,
unix_timestamp(StartDateTime, 'yyyy-MM-dd') as CreationTimeStamp,
unix_timestamp(StartDateTime, 'yyyy-MM-dd') + ${hivevar:ttl} as ExpirationTimeStamp,
FROM src_table_db
WHERE length(OrderID) > 0;
-- Optional: Add a WHERE length(CustomerID) > 0, to guard against any possibility of inserting a null value into the primary key
-- of the destination field. I don't need to do this in this example as the customerID is the primary key in the source table
-- and is impossible to have any null fields in the Primary key field of the source table to begin with.
-- In addition to that, you can add other filters such as you want URL
!echo "Backfill complete.";
# Filename:
# Author: leewc
# This script copies the specific columns in the monthly CustomerTracker tables to a new yearly table for anniversary promotions.
# This is used in conjuction with the dynamoTodynamo.hive script.
# Note: You may need to provide execute permissions to run this script. [ chmod +x ]
# You will have to explicitly specify the domain, region and months in this file. This is by design to avoid
# copying the wrong data between regions.
months=(201705 201704 201703 201702 201701 201612 201611 201610 201609 201608 201607 201606 201605)
function _start() {
for month in ${months[@]}
echo "Beginning Hive Copy for CustomerTracker_${domain}_${region}_${month}".
hive -hiveconf domain=${domain} -hiveconf region=${region} -hiveconf yyyymm=${month} -f inflight-dynamoTodynamo.hive
echo "This will run dynamoTodynamo Hive script for " ${domain} " and " ${region}
echo "With the following months: "
echo ""
echo ${months[*]}
echo ""
while true; do
read -p "Are you sure this is what you want (Y/N)? " yn
case $yn in
[Yy] ) _start; break;;
[Nn] ) echo "Aborting operation."; exit;;
* ) echo "Please answer yes (Y) or no (N).";;
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