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Java (OpenJDK 8 or higher). (sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk)

Maven (3 or higher). (sudo apt-get install maven)

##Downloading Nemisys:

We recommended you to create a new folder for this. You can download Nemisys from GitLab. You will get a zip file. Unzip it and upload the target/nemisys-<build.version>.jar file to your server.

Download Link: here

##Setting up Nemisys:

Setting up Nemisys is simple and easy. Now that you've obtained the nemisys-<build.version>.jar file, you don't need to worry about anything much.


=> Your LOBBY is the main server (the server from where the players will be transferred to your sub-servers).

=> You want to transfer players to SUB server which runs on port 19131.

###How to Proceed:

  1. Create a file in your nemisys directory (assuming your nemisys directory to be /home/nemisys).
  2. Copy-paste this code into java -jar nemisys*.jar
  3. Run (./
  4. Nemisys will now generate a file named Stop the nemisys server.
  5. Change the server.port to 19132 and the synapse.port to 19132. Copy down or change the password in the password: field
  6. Save the changes

You have now successfully set up Nemisys. Start Nemisys server now.

Follow the following steps if you want players to be sent to your LOBBY when they join the server:

  1. Now go to LOBBY server's directory. Modify 'synapse:' in genisys.yml and change server.port to 19132 and set is-main-server to true. Change the description to "lobby". The LOBBY should be running on any port except 19132, since it is the port the Nemisys proxy will run on. Change the server-password: to the password you copied down.
  2. In your SUB server's genisys.yml, change is-main-server to false and description to 'sub', and also change the server-password: to the password you copied down.
  3. Download SynapseTransfer plugin on both servers (LOBBY and SUB).
  4. Start/restart your LOBBY and SUB servers. Now join the server running on port 19132.
  5. Type the command: /scid add sub SUB.
  6. Now you're set. Type /transfer sub to transfer yourself to the server SUB. To transfer back to LOBBY, add the lobby server with /scid. This command has the following syntax: /scid add <server-id> <server-description> You can add as many servers as you want, just remember to enable Synapse the genisys.yml and edit the details!


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When found file genisys.yml

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