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Django function for loading fixtures which use the current migration state of the model
from django.core import serializers
import os
def loaddata(fixture_name, apps, ignorenonexistent=True):
Loads migrations that work at current state of a model, in constrast to
`loaddata` which requires a fixture to have data matching the fields
defined in ``.
# relative path to fixtures
fixtures_dir = 'fixtures'
# monkey patch serializers `apps` so that it uses the models in the current migration state
original_apps = serializers.python.apps
serializers.python.apps = apps
objects = None
for extension in ['json', 'yaml', 'xml']:
fixture_path = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), fixtures_dir, '%s.%s' % (fixture_name, extension))
if os.path.exists(fixture_path):
print "Loading fixtures from %s... " % fixture_path,
with open(fixture_path, 'rb') as f:
objects = serializers.deserialize(extension, f, ignorenonexistent=ignorenonexistent)
n = 0
for obj in objects:
n += 1
print "loaded %d objects." % n
serializers.python.apps = original_apps
if objects is None:
raise Exception("Couldn't find the '%s' fixture for the '%s' app." % (fixture_name, app_label))
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hwalinga commented Dec 9, 2020

You can also make the call to loaddata directly. Don't need to replicate the code here. Just a"loaddata", ignorenonexistent=ignorenonexistent) will do. Even if it reimports the serializers module, the monkeypatch is still there.

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