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Telemetry Platform Client Side Installation


Documentation is now available at

Installation of the client will result in two containers running, along with two folders installed on the host system which provides the configuration to the Docker containers.

Containers being installed and executing will be barometer and qdr for the Barometer collectd and the local QPID Dispatch Router.


Configuration of the clients requires an inventory file, along with a vars file, or alternatively, overrides placed directly in the inventory file.

An example inventory is located in the inventory/examples/cloud file. Defaults that can be overridden are located in the roles directory within roles/telemetry.qdr-deployer/defaults/main.yml and roles/telemetry.barometer-deployer/defaults/main.yml.

The defaults for the QDR deployment assumes you're deploying in an internal lab, so you'll need to override the values for the DNS server, and the hostname/port for where the QDR should connect.

The defaults for the barometer deployment assumes that you're connecting to a local QDR that is available via localhost. There should be changes necessary, unless you want to change the list of modules being loaded.

Configurations are templated, but fairly static as of now. You may want to deploy and then manually tweak the configurations, or change the templates locally if you have a lot of nodes you're deploying to.


Deployment of the clients can be found in the README

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