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Created Oct 30, 2011
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Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock in Sinatra
require 'sinatra'
# before we process a route, we'll set the response as
# plain text and set up an array of viable moves that
# a player (and the computer) can perform
before do
content_type :txt
@defeat = {
rock: [:scissors, :lizard],
paper: [:rock, :spock],
scissors: [:paper, :lizard],
lizard: [:paper, :spock],
spock: [:rock, :scissors]
#@defeat = {rock: :scissors, paper: :rock, scissors: :paper}
@throws = @defeat.keys
get '/throw/:type' do
# the params[] hash stores querystring and form data.
player_throw = params[:type].to_sym
# in the case of a player providing a throw that is not valid,
# we halt with a status code of 403 (Forbidden) and let them
# know they need to make a valid throw to play.
if !@throws.include?(player_throw)
halt 403, "You must throw one of the following: #{@throws}"
# now we can select a random throw for the computer
computer_throw = @throws.sample
# compare the player and computer throws to determine a winner
if player_throw == computer_throw
"You tied with the computer. Try again!"
elsif @defeat[player_throw].index(computer_throw)
"Nicely done; #{player_throw} beats #{computer_throw}!"
"Ouch; #{computer_throw} beats #{player_throw}. Better luck next time!"
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