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How to create a schema other than public when running rake db:setup. This will allow you to include a schema_searth_path in database.yml without causing rake db:setup to fail.
SCHEMA_NAMES = %w(foo bar)
namespace :db do
task :create do
config = Rails.configuration.database_configuration[Rails.env].merge!({'schema_search_path' => 'public'})
SCHEMA_NAMES.each do |schema|
ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute("CREATE SCHEMA #{schema}")

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@thiagoramos23 thiagoramos23 commented Feb 19, 2015

Great example. I'll use that snippet. Thanks.
Maybe you should set the Authorization too. Ex:
"CREATE SCHEMA "#{schema_name}" AUTHORIZATION "#{pg_username}""

Just in case you need the owner to be another user other than postgres

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