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Last active Jul 3, 2017
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function bakeCake(ingredient){
// Code that adds the ingredient to the cake batter
console.log(ingredient+ ' cake : add ' +ingredient+ ' to the batter');
function ovenTemperature(temperature, time){
// Code that sets the right temperature for baking the cake
console.log('Set the oven temperature to ' +temperature+' and ready to bake the '+ingredient+' cake for ' +time+ ' minutes');
return ovenTemperature;
// We are preparing two cakes : let’s first add the ingredients and we’ll see for the rest of the recipe later.
var chocolateCake = bakeCake('chocolate');
var carrotCake = bakeCake('carrot');
// Ok now we have put the ingredients in the batter, let the batter rest and go fetch the temperature and baking time for these types of cakes.
chocolateCake(250, 70);
carrotCake(200, 90);
// Prints :
"chocolate cake : add chocolate to the batter"
"carrot cake : add carrot to the batter"
"Set the oven temperature to 250 and ready to bake the chocolate cake for 70 minutes"
"Set the oven temperature to 200 and ready to bake the carrot cake for 90 minutes"
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