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Created May 9, 2013
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A guide for implementing Maruku as the markdown engine instead of Redcarpet in Reinteractive's InstallFest blog guides.

In your Gemfile install the Maruku gem by putting:

gem 'maruku'

at the bottom. Make sure you delete the redcarpet and rouge gems since you won't be using those. Run bundle install to install the gem.

Open spec/services/markdown_service_spec.rb and set the content to be:

require 'spec_helper'

describe MarkdownService do
  it { should be_a MarkdownService }

  describe '#render' do
    # the markdown engine is just a test double we can monitor in our test
    let(:markdown_engine) { double('Markdown') }

    before do
      Maruku.stub(:new) { markdown_engine }

    it 'should delegate to the markdown engine' do
      # Set up the expectation of what our code should accomplish

You can run this spec which will fail with rspec spec/services/markdown_service_spec.rb.

Open: app/services/markdown_service.rb which will look like:

class MarkdownService
  def render(text)

This might be a small class but wrapping the Maruku class like this means we can easily switch between different markdown engines without changing any other areas in our application.

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