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When a user write a database creation script, they give names for most of database objects (i.e. table names,
column names, constraint names, etc). When the DB author performs this script using a DBMS it creates a database
that contains objects with the names specified in the script. If the author perfroms this script several times,
the result will be several database with the same object names (as specified in the script).
However, sometimes the DB author can omit some names (i.e. names of constraints, indices, etc.), in this case
the DBMS makes names for these objects automatically (usually by concatenating a hardcoded prefix with a kind of
random or sequential number). When the author performs their script several times, the result will be databases
with different names (because that names were not specified in the script). We call such auto-genertated names
synthetic ones. So, the mentioned option includes such auto-generated stuff.
In other words, when this option is OFF, the content in the window depends on objects and names
coded by the DB author only (and will be always the same), when this option is ON the content
iuncludes also the stuff generated by DBMS automatically (and can be different for several databases
produced by the same script).
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