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@leofab86 leofab86/webWorker.js

Last active May 23, 2019
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Fuzzy search autocomplete v1.2.2
self.importScripts('...the search engine script, provides the SearchEngine constructor');
let searchEngine;
let cache = {}
//thought I would add a simple cache... Wait till you see those deletes now :)
function initiateSearchEngine (data) {
//initiate the search engine with the 13,000 item data set
searchEngine = new SearchEngine(data);
//reset the cache on initiate just in case
cache = {};
function search (searchTerm) {
const cachedResult = cache[searchTerm]
if(cachedResult) {
const message = {
cache[searchTerm] = message;
//self.postMessage is the api for sending messages to main thread
/*self.onmessage is where we define the handler for messages recieved
from the main thread*/
self.onmessage = function(e) {
const {data, searchTerm} =;
/*We can determine how to respond to the .postMessage from
SearchResults.js based on which data properties it has:*/
if(data) {
} else if(searchTerm) {
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