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Convert CuPy stream to Numba stream
# Many Python libraries provide low-level CUDA support, but when it comes to interoperability
# things get complicated. This script shows a simple example on converting a CUDA stream
# created from CuPy's API to one that is compatible with Numba.
from numba import cuda
import cupy as cp
def stream_cupy_to_numba(cp_stream):
1. The lifetime of the returned Numba stream should be as long as the CuPy one,
which handles the deallocation of the underlying CUDA stream.
2. The returned Numba stream is assumed to live in the same CUDA context as the
CuPy one.
3. The implementation here closely follows that of in Numba.
from ctypes import c_void_p
import weakref
# get the pointer to actual CUDA stream
raw_str = cp_stream.ptr
# gather necessary ingredients
ctx = cuda.devices.get_context()
handle = c_void_p(raw_str)
finalizer = None # let CuPy handle its lifetime, not Numba
# create a Numba stream
nb_stream = cuda.cudadrv.driver.Stream(weakref.proxy(ctx), handle, finalizer)
return nb_stream
# do some computations with CuPy to set up the context, e.g.:
a = cp.random.random(100)
cp_stream =
nb_stream = stream_cupy_to_numba(cp_stream)
# now nb_stream can be used for launching Numba JIT kernels, e.g.:
# kernel[grid, block, nb_stream](a)
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leofang commented Nov 20, 2020

Updated line 28 to avoid specifying the finalizer, see the discussion around numba/numba#5347 (comment).

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