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An example of turning podcast clip into a video clip for
# Created by
# Edit at
### macOS ###
# General
# Icon must end with two \r
# Thumbnails
# Files that might appear in the root of a volume
# Directories potentially created on remote AFP share
Network Trash Folder
Temporary Items
# End of
for script in ./Empower*.sh; do "$script" & done
FONT="/Users/leo/Library/Fonts/skyfonts-google/Cardo 700.ttf"
mkdir -p .temp
yes | convert -gravity East -font "$FONT" -pointsize 48 label:"$SHOW_NAME" -pointsize 32 label:"episode $EPISODE_NO" -pointsize 52 label:"$EPISODE_NAME" -pointsize 42 label:"$GUEST_APPEND" -pointsize 56 label:"$CLIP_NAME" -append ".temp/$SHOW_NAME.$EPISODE_NO.$EPISODE_NAME.$FCLIP_NAME.text.16x9.png"
yes | convert -size 1920x1080 xc:white -gravity SouthEast -draw "image over 200,100, 0,0, '$LOGO_PATH'" -gravity NorthEast -draw "image over 200,100, 0,0, '.temp/$SHOW_NAME.$EPISODE_NO.$EPISODE_NAME.$FCLIP_NAME.text.16x9.png'" ".temp/$SHOW_NAME.$EPISODE_NO.$EPISODE_NAME.$FCLIP_NAME.background.16x9.png"
yes | ffmpeg -loop 1 -framerate 1 -i ".temp/$SHOW_NAME.$EPISODE_NO.$EPISODE_NAME.$FCLIP_NAME.background.16x9.png" -framerate 1 -f image2 -i $ANIMATED_LOGO_FORMAT -filter_complex "[1:v]scale=iw/2:ih/2 [ovrl],[0:v][ovrl] overlay=200:(H-h)/2:shortest=1,format=yuv420p" -vcodec libx264 -crf 25 -pix_fmt yuv420p -r 60 ".temp/$SHOW_NAME.$EPISODE_NO.$EPISODE_NAME.$FCLIP_NAME.loop.16x9.mp4"
ffmpeg -i "$AUDIO_FILE" -filter_complex movie=".temp/$SHOW_NAME.$EPISODE_NO.$EPISODE_NAME.$FCLIP_NAME.loop.16x9.mp4":loop=0,setpts=N/FRAME_RATE/TB -shortest "$SHOW_NAME.$EPISODE_NO.$EPISODE_NAME.$FCLIP_NAME.16x9.mp4"
yes | convert -gravity East -font "$FONT" -pointsize 36 label:"$SHOW_NAME" -pointsize 28 label:"episode $EPISODE_NO" -pointsize 36 label:"$EPISODE_NAME" -pointsize 32 label:"$GUEST_APPEND" -pointsize 52 label:"$CLIP_NAME" -append ".temp/$SHOW_NAME.$EPISODE_NO.$EPISODE_NAME.$FCLIP_NAME.text.1x1.png"
yes | convert -size 1080x1080 xc:white -gravity SouthEast -draw "image over 100,100, 0,0, '$LOGO_PATH'" -gravity NorthEast -gravity NorthEast -draw "image over 100,100, 0,0, '.temp/$SHOW_NAME.$EPISODE_NO.$EPISODE_NAME.$FCLIP_NAME.text.1x1.png'" ".temp/$SHOW_NAME.$EPISODE_NO.$EPISODE_NAME.$FCLIP_NAME.background.1x1.png"
yes | ffmpeg -loop 1 -framerate 1 -i ".temp/$SHOW_NAME.$EPISODE_NO.$EPISODE_NAME.$FCLIP_NAME.background.1x1.png" -framerate 1 -f image2 -i $ANIMATED_LOGO_FORMAT -filter_complex "[1:v]scale=iw/3:ih/3 [ovrl],[0:v][ovrl] overlay=(W-w)/2:(H-h)/2+50:shortest=1,format=yuv420p" -vcodec libx264 -crf 25 -pix_fmt yuv420p -r 60 ".temp/$SHOW_NAME.$EPISODE_NO.$EPISODE_NAME.$FCLIP_NAME.loop.1x1.mp4"
ffmpeg -i "$AUDIO_FILE" -filter_complex movie=".temp/$SHOW_NAME.$EPISODE_NO.$EPISODE_NAME.$FCLIP_NAME.loop.1x1.mp4":loop=0,setpts=N/FRAME_RATE/TB -shortest "$SHOW_NAME.$EPISODE_NO.$EPISODE_NAME.$FCLIP_NAME.1x1.mp4"
GUEST_APPEND=" with Joe Cieplinski"
CLIP_NAME="Communication and Relationships"
AUDIO_FILE="Empower Apps 17 quote 1.mp3"
. ./

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leogdion commented May 28, 2019

fixed audio issue with twitter

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