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PHP function to get youtube ID from URL
function get_youtube_video_ID($youtube_video_url) {
* Pattern matches
$pattern =
(?:youtube # Match any youtube url www or no www , https or no https
(?:-nocookie)?\.com/ # allows for the nocookie version too.
(?:[^/]+/.+/ # Once we have that, find the slashes
|(?:v|e(?:mbed)?)/|.*[?&]v=) # Check if its a video or if embed
|youtu\.be/) # Allow short URLs
([^"&?/ ]{11}) # Once its found check that its 11 chars.
// Checks if it matches a pattern and returns the value
if (preg_match($pattern, $youtube_video_url, $match)) {
return $match[1];
// if no match return false.
return false;

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