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leoherzog / temp.ino
Created October 27, 2023 16:34
Temperature Color Gradients
#include "map2colour.h"
uint32_t wundergroundColors[] = {
0x00111111, 0x0021006B, 0x004C006B, 0x006B006B, 0x00990099, 0x00B300B3,
0x00CC00CC, 0x00E600E6, 0x00FF02FF, 0x00D100FF, 0x009E01FF, 0x006600FF,
0x001800FF, 0x00144AFF, 0x000E74FF, 0x0000A4FF, 0x0000CBFF, 0x0000E6FF,
0x0000FFFF, 0x0001FFB3, 0x007FFF00, 0x00CEFF00, 0x00FEFF00, 0x00FFE601,
0x00FFCB00, 0x00FFAE00, 0x00FF9900, 0x00FE7F00, 0x00FF4F00, 0x00FF0700,
0x00FF4545, 0x00FF6968, 0x00FF8787, 0x00FF9E9E, 0x00FFB5B5, 0x00FFCFCF,
0x00FFE8E8, 0x00EEEEEE
leoherzog /
Last active April 23, 2024 21:01
Bulk Download or Delete Zoom Recordings
# call --user <user email> --download --delete
import os
import argparse
import json
from concurrent.futures import ThreadPoolExecutor
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
leoherzog /
Created September 19, 2023 18:33
Google Doc Change Notifier
* 1. Go to, and when logged in as the user that you want to do the "checking", click "➕ New Project" in the top right
* 2. Copy/Paste all of this code into your new project, and give it a name (e.g. Google Doc Change Notifier)
* 3. Change the `const docs = []` line to include all of the Docs you want to check. For example, `const docs = ["", ""];
* 4. Click "▷ Run" in the toolbar and authorize the script to run.
* 5. You're done!
const docs = [""];
leoherzog /
Last active May 9, 2024 15:31
Python Discord Bot to post to a text channel when people join or leave a voice channel
import discord
import random
intents = discord.Intents.default()
intents.voice_states = True
client = discord.Client(intents=intents)
join_phrases = ['👋 **{0}** joined **{1}**', '🙋 Hi **{0}**! Welcome to **{1}**', '😊 Welcome to **{1}**, **{0}**!', '🤩 EVERYONE SHUT UP! **{0}** is in **{1}** now.']
leoherzog /
Last active May 9, 2024 15:31
Gather All Google Drive Files of a Certain Type and Change Owner
const newOwner = '';
const fileTypesToTransfer = ['application/']; //
function changeOwnership() {
console.log('Gathering all files in Drive of type ' + fileTypesToTransfer.join(',') + '...');
let fileIterator = DriveApp.searchFiles( => 'mimeType = "' + x + '"').join(' or '));
let files = [];
while (fileIterator.hasNext()) {
leoherzog /
Created March 18, 2022 17:33
Find emails in your Google Directory for names in a Google Sheet
* This is a script to look through column x for names,
* search your directory for email addresses for that name,
* and print them into column y.
* To get started:
* 1. Open an existing Google Sheet or create a new one ( and give it a name.
* 2. Click Extensions → Apps Script and give that new Apps Script project a name (e.g. "Lookup Email from Name").
* 3. Paste all of this code into that project.
* 4. Specify if it has a header row on line 19 of the code (true or false), as well as the name and email column letters on lines 20 and 21.
leoherzog /
Last active May 9, 2024 15:31
Google Drive Folder ID Finder
* This script creates a simple web app where the visitor can select a Google Drive folder with the Google Picker and it will tell you the ID of the folder, since that's now hard to find in the Google Drive web app or Folder URL.
* To get started:
* 1. Go to and log in as the user that you want to host this published web app.
* 2. Click "New Project".
* 3. Rename the project at the top from "Untitled project" to something else (ex. "Folder ID Finder")
* 4. Copy/paste this code over the default "myFunction" starter code that's currently there
* 5. Click the ➕ next to "Files" in the sidebar, add an "HTML" file, name it "index" (.html is added by Apps Script), and paste the `index.html` code below over the starter code in that file.
* 6. Click "Deploy ▼" → "New Deployment". In the "Select Type" ⚙️ gear, choose "Web App". Change "Execute as" to "User accessing the web app" and "Who has access" to "Anyone with a Google Account". Click "Deploy".
* You're done! The long "Web app" URL c
leoherzog /
Created August 9, 2021 19:58
Google Shared Drive Viewers Automator
* @OnlyCurrentDoc
* 1. Create a new Google Sheet ( and remove all but one column
* 2. Add all of the email addresses in Column A that you'd like to have as viewers on the Shared Drive
* 3. Click Tools → Script Editor and copy/paste all of this code into the editor
* 4. Edit the Shared Drive ID on line 10 ({Shared Drive ID})
* 5. Click "▷ Run" in the top toolbar, allow authorization, and you're done!
const sharedDriveId = '0AAt_DfuXH73UUA9dVp';
leoherzog /
Last active February 27, 2023 21:58
Google Apps Script Philips Hue Sunrise-Sunset Color Temperature Changer
// updates the color temp of a hue group throughout the day, from blue in the morning to orange in the evening.
// copy these three to three files in a new apps script project (,
// make a new hue remote app id (,
// copy the app id and secret onto lines 54 and 55 of,
// publish as a web app,
// go to the web app and authorize via oauth,
// run createBridgeUser() on the hue-oauth-stuff page,
// change the groupname to the Hue group you want to change,
// change the lat and long to your location (to calculate sunrise and sunset times),
leoherzog /
Last active May 20, 2021 20:41
Export Classic Google Sites Attachments to Google Drive Folder
// Go to, click "New Project", copy and paste this code in, and click "▷ Run" in the toolbar
function run() {
let sites = SitesApp.getAllSites('');
console.log('Total number of sites: ' + sites.length);
sites = sites.filter(site => {
try {