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Aman Aggarwal leoiphonedev

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leoiphonedev / ViewControllerDetectTextUILabel-2.swift
Created Aug 7, 2019
Selector for UITapGestre added to UILable and telling us wether user tap on desired text or not
View ViewControllerDetectTextUILabel-2.swift
//MARK:- tappedOnLabel
@objc func tappedOnLabel(_ gesture: UITapGestureRecognizer) {
guard let text = self.lblTermsAndConditions.text else { return }
let privacyPolicyRange = (text as NSString).range(of: "privacy policy")
let termsAndConditionRange = (text as NSString).range(of: "terms and condition")
if gesture.didTapAttributedTextInLabel(label: self.lblTermsAndConditions, inRange: privacyPolicyRange) {
print("user tapped on privacy policy text")
} else if gesture.didTapAttributedTextInLabel(label: self.lblTermsAndConditions, inRange: termsAndConditionRange){
print("user tapped on terms and conditions text")
leoiphonedev / ViewControllerDetectTextUILabel.swift
Created Aug 7, 2019
Adding UITapGestureRecognizer to UILabel
View ViewControllerDetectTextUILabel.swift
self.lblTermsAndConditions.isUserInteractionEnabled = true
let tapgesture = UITapGestureRecognizer(target: self, action: #selector(tappedOnLabel(_ :)))
tapgesture.numberOfTapsRequired = 1
leoiphonedev / UITapGesture.swift
Created Aug 7, 2019
Extension for UITapGesture that contains a function to detect range of particular text in UILabel's text.
View UITapGesture.swift
extension UITapGestureRecognizer {
func didTapAttributedTextInLabel(label: UILabel, inRange targetRange: NSRange) -> Bool {
// Create instances of NSLayoutManager, NSTextContainer and NSTextStorage
let layoutManager = NSLayoutManager()
let textContainer = NSTextContainer(size:
let textStorage = NSTextStorage(attributedString: label.attributedText!)
// Configure layoutManager and textStorage
leoiphonedev / AdaptableSizeButton.swift
Last active Jul 14, 2019
AdaptableSizeButton class enables the size of button as per the title set to UIButton via overriding intrinsicContentSize of UIButton
View AdaptableSizeButton.swift
class AdaptableSizeButton: UIButton {
override var intrinsicContentSize: CGSize {
let labelSize = titleLabel?.sizeThatFits(CGSize(width: frame.size.width, height: CGFloat.greatestFiniteMagnitude)) ?? .zero
let desiredButtonSize = CGSize(width: labelSize.width + titleEdgeInsets.left + titleEdgeInsets.right, height: labelSize.height + + titleEdgeInsets.bottom)
return desiredButtonSize
leoiphonedev / AppDelegate-localnotification.swift
Created May 20, 2019
Asking for user permissions in order to send hm notifications
View AppDelegate-localnotification.swift
UNUserNotificationCenter.current().delegate = self
UNUserNotificationCenter.current().requestAuthorization(options: [.alert, .badge, .sound]) { (granted, error) in
if granted {
print("User gave permissions for local notifications")
View SendMailAttachment-ViewController-4.swift
// ViewController.swift
// SendMailAttachment
// Created by Aman Aggarwal on 03/12/18.
// Copyright © 2018 Aman Aggarwal. All rights reserved.
import UIKit
import MessageUI
leoiphonedev / SendMailAttachment-ViewController-3.swift
Created Dec 12, 2018
COnformimng to MFMailComposeViewControllerDelegate so that we get notified on user certain action with mail composer view
View SendMailAttachment-ViewController-3.swift
import UIKit
import MessageUI
class ViewController: UIViewController, MFMailComposeViewControllerDelegate {
override func viewDidLoad() {
// Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib.
leoiphonedev / SendMailAttachment-ViewController-2.swift
Created Dec 12, 2018
Code for presenting mail composer (desfualt) when user tap on send mail button
View SendMailAttachment-ViewController-2.swift
@IBAction func sendEmail(_ sender: Any) {
if MFMailComposeViewController.canSendMail() {
let mailComposer = MFMailComposeViewController()
mailComposer.setSubject("Update about ios tutorials")
mailComposer.setMessageBody("What is the update about ios tutorials on youtube", isHTML: false)
self.present(mailComposer, animated: true
, completion: nil)
} else {
leoiphonedev / SendMailAttachment-ViewController.swift
Created Dec 12, 2018
Creating IBAction for the UIButton in order to send mail when user touch UIButton
View SendMailAttachment-ViewController.swift
@IBAction func sendEmail(_ sender: Any) {
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