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PACS Server vulns


  • vendor page:
  • patched version: 7.1.1
  • Credits: Xinjie Ma from Chaitin Research Lab


  • 2020.07.19 send report to a vendor's partner
  • 2020.07.20 they inform the real vendor
  • 2020.08.18 vendor design a fix plan
  • 2020.11.10 vendor's partner inform me all vuln has been fixed and offer a bounty


many Reflected XSS(Cross-site scripting)

many user input concat or format to response html without any sanitization or check, some filter <scripttag, for example in login.php, but a payload like [;%22%3E1%3C/img%3E]( will bypass the check.


Stored XSS(Cross-site scripting)

  • Pacs/userSignup.php when a user sign up, administrator need to review the user. due to no proper sanitization, attacker can insert a xss payload, when admin login to review user sign up requests, will trigger this sotred xss vuln.



arbitrary file creation/override in authenticate.php

  • Pacs/authenticate.php

  • $_POST['formUsername'] will flow into fopen($file, "w") as part of $file, intended to create or append a file with username as filename in MDPACS/PACS/FailedLogin to count how many failed login tries

  • this poc will create a file named test in c:\ , file content will be 1.Imgur)

  • this could be used to break the login mechanism by provide formUsername=../php/security.php to overwrite security.php, this will make other after-auth vuln more dangerous. or overwrite some important config file to cause a denial of service

arbitrary file read/SSRF in encapsulatedDoc.php and others

  • MDPACS/PACS/php/encapsulatedDoc.php
  • will not check wether path is legit, can read any file on the server.
  • need login first, previously mentioned vulnerablity could bypass the login.


  • there are similar behivor in nocache.phptempimage.php

Broken Authentication

  • MDPACS/PACS/php/importWorklist.php/MDPACS/PACS/php/uploadImage.php and missing authentication in originalImage.php
  • those page should only let authenicated user to upload file, but due to broken auth, anyone can upload file.
  • as below pic shows, no info like PHPSESSIONID to identify a user, but can successfully upload a fileImgur

multiple SQL Injection

  • because the lack of sanitization or check, there are many after authenticated sql injection , for example in studyNotes.php
  • Imgur
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