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Upstart script for Play Framework 2.0
# Upstart script for a play application that binds to an unprivileged user.
# put this into a file like /etc/init/play.conf
# This could be the foundation for pushing play apps to the server using something like git-deploy
# By calling service play stop in the restart command and play-start in the restart command.
# Usage:
# start play
# stop play
# restart play
# WARNING: This is still beta, I have not tested the respawning functionality, but it should work.
description "PlayFramework 2"
author "Leon Radley <>"
version "1.0"
env USER=myuser
env GROUP=www-data
env HOME=/home/myuser/app
env PORT=9000
env CONFIG=production.conf
env SBTMEM=256
env EXTRA="-Xms128M -Xmx512m -server"
start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [06]
respawn limit 10 5
umask 022
expect daemon
# If you want the upstart script to build play with sbt
pre-start script
chdir $HOME
sbt clean compile stage -mem $SBTMEM
end script
exec start-stop-daemon --pidfile ${HOME}/RUNNING_PID --chuid $USER:$GROUP --exec ${HOME}/target/start --background --start -- -Dconfig.resource=$CONFIG -Dhttp.port=$PORT -Dhttp.address=$ADDRESS $EXTRA

tszming commented Aug 7, 2012

Work as expected, thanks.

ejain commented Oct 3, 2013

Won't work for Play 2.2 :-(

angeloh commented Oct 7, 2013

@ejain Could you explain why Play 2.2 won't work?

morhook commented Oct 8, 2013

play clean stage has stopped generated a script in ${HOME}/target/start . Now it generates target/universal/stage/bin/$APP

You can read in the migration notes that start has changed

morhook commented Oct 15, 2013

I cannot fork this gist :(. That's why I will make my modifications as comments.

You should pass the JVM params like this:

env EXTRA="-J-Xms128M -J-Xmx512m -J-server"

specify the APP variable
env APP=my_app_name

And the exec line
exec start-stop-daemon --pidfile ${HOME}/RUNNING_PID --chuid $USER:$GROUP --exec ${HOME}/target/universal/stage/bin/${APP} --background --start -- -Dconfig.resource=$CONFIG -Dhttp.port=$PORT -Dhttp.address=$ADDRESS $EXTRA

Love it, this script it awesome. Thank you.

max-l commented Apr 6, 2014

I tried to adapt this script for play 2.2.1, and I'll I'm getting is a hang,
i.e. "service play start " and "service play stop" both hang ... on ubuntu 12.04 ...

`env HOME=/play
env PORT=9000
env CONFIG=/play/application.conf

start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [06]

respawn limit 10 5
umask 022
expect daemon

expect fork

exec start-stop-daemon --pidfile ${HOME}/cogo-1.0/RUNNING_PID --exec ${HOME}/corgol-1.0/bin/corgol -- -mem 256 -Dconfig.file=$CONFIG -Dhttp.port=$PORT

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