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Created May 15, 2023 15:10
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Uber product IDs

Uber product IDs

As of May 2023 Uber had the following product IDs in Portland:

  • 6d5eb4b2-3c85-4ef3-854e-3219da0f0df3: Premier
  • 1196d0dd-423b-4a81-a1d8-615367d3a365: UberX Share
  • b6e63411-bf85-4bc7-aca2-bb2e53a20ba4: Comfort Electric
  • a6eef2e1-c99a-436f-bde9-fefb9181c0b0: UberX
  • 62037135-bd5a-43bf-bd77-d4558ffe2bf8: UberX Priority
  • 0410f2a9-7019-405b-a5ff-d0c92c59339d: Comfort
  • a5e722b3-6a20-4c90-b5d7-f9a523904348: UberXL
  • 4c6e2bde-9242-4634-93f0-8182a4d96e15: Uber Green
  • 8ddc7ce4-67d1-4ac4-8b56-205bd6a6314e: Assist
  • f58761e5-8dd5-4940-a472-872f1236c596: Uber Pet
  • c076b1fb-3146-49ec-b56e-eec8348e75bd: Connect
  • 0e9145be-98bb-48dd-a0bf-32964ac8df19: WAV
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