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plot.heat <- function(tmp,,z,title=NULL,breaks=NULL,cex.legend=1,bw=.2,col.vec=NULL,main=NULL,plot.legend=TRUE, ...) {
tmp@data$zCat <- cut(tmp@data[,z],breaks,include.lowest=TRUE)
cutpoints <- levels(tmp@data$zCat)
if (is.null(col.vec)) col.vec <- heat.colors(length(levels(tmp@data$zCat)))
cutpointsColors <- col.vec
levels(tmp@data$zCat) <- cutpointsColors
cols <- as.character(tmp$zCat)
##cols <- "white"
plot(tmp,border=cols, lwd=bw,axes = FALSE, las = 1,col=as.character(tmp@data$zCat),main="A", ...)
if (!is.null( {
plot(,add=TRUE,lwd=1, border="white")
if (plot.legend) legend("bottomleft", cutpoints, fill = cutpointsColors,bty="n",title=title,cex=cex.legend)
##merge sp objects with data
merge.sp <- function(tmp,data,by="uf") {
by.loc <- match(by,names(data)) <- data[,by.loc]
data <- data[,-by.loc]
tmp@data <- data.frame(tmp@data,
## map data from <- readShapeSpatial("maps/st99_d00_shp/st99_d00.shp") <- readShapeSpatial("maps/co99_d00_shp/co99_d00.shp")
unemp <- read.csv("", header = F, stringsAsFactors = F)
names(unemp) <- c("id", "state_fips", "county_fips", "name", "year", "?", "?", "?", "rate")
unemp$fips <- with(unemp, paste(as.character(state_fips), as.character(county_fips), sep=";"))$state_fips <- as.numeric(as.character($STATE))$county_fips <- as.numeric(as.character($COUNTY))$fips <- with(,paste(as.character(state_fips),as.character(county_fips),sep=";"))$rate <- NULL
m <- merge.sp(, unemp, "fips")
m0 <- m
m <- m[m$state_fips%in%unemp$state_fips,]
##exclude ak
m <- m[!grepl("AK$|HI$|GU$|PR$", m$name),]
labelpos <- data.frame(, lapply(m@polygons, function(x) x@labpt)))
names(labelpos) <- c("x","y")
png(file="~/tmp.png", width=1200, height=1000)
plot.heat(m,,z="rate",breaks=c(seq(0, 10, by = 2), 35), col.vec=(brewer.pal(6,"PuRd")), xlim=c(-125,-70), ylim=c(28,48), bw=.01, plot.legend=FALSE)

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@m-a-j m-a-j commented Jul 20, 2013


I came across this page via the chloropleth challenge page. I've not yet understood all of the code above, but as you surely put a lot of effort into the challenge, I'd still like to ask you one question:
In the meantime, have you found a package that was so particularly useful for displaying (and generally working with) maps in R that you would call it your favorite? Or have you spent more time on developping your own maps-related projects?
I'm asking because I'd like to work with maps in the near future and I'm still not sure which package to use.


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