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Created December 10, 2016 15:39
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An example json file retrieved from Contentful
- sys:
id: 6bAHfY4LlYA2uoqGSOGuGm
title: Pale Fire
authorSurname: Nabokov
summary: A curate's egg, a mystery, a beautiful examination of madness, creativity
and fantasy.
- sys:
id: 7lLBrsiBmEUUiUEwEoGAyK
title: 'For Esme: With Love and Squalor'
authorSurname: Salinger
summary: A mournful tale of insanity and redemption.
- sys:
id: 4tsYwUrSRO8iuO484CCMw
title: The Rings of Saturn
authorSurname: Sebald
summary: A mournful journey through memory and the East Anglian coast.
title: Rings of Saturn
url: //
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