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Léon Talbot leontalbot

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leontalbot / clojure-codebase-split-rationale
Last active Mar 6, 2018
Split Front-end and Back-end Clojure Code Into Two Git Repositories or Keep It All Together?
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;; This is a collection of thoughts to help one decide between separating a clojure server/api codebase
;; from a clojurescript client/ui or keeping them both together.
;;;; Split PROS:
;; "When you split code into multiple repos you can scale them independently. For example,
;; you could throw client code on a CDN while spinning up a lot of AWS servers for the backend.
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;; Go to:
;;;; Install a Clojure Editor
;; The two favorite editors in the Clojure community are Emacs (cider) and IntelliJ (Cursive).
;; However, for the sake of the experiment, we are going to use Light Table, which is really
;; simple to grasp. Light Table has been developed by Chris Granger, a notable Clojure developer.
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