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What would you like to do? - OnePager - bookmarklet
javascript: (function() {
const appListParent = document.querySelector('li[data-testid]').parentElement;
let alternativesApps = [];
document.querySelector('nav[aria-label="Pagination Navigation"]').remove(); // Remove navigation links
const container = document.createElement("div");
for (i = 2; i <= window.__NEXT_DATA__.props.pageProps.pagingMeta.totalPages; i++)
fetch(window.location.href + "?p=" + i).then(res =>
return res.text();
}).then(data =>
container.innerHTML = data;
alternativesApps = container.querySelectorAll("li[data-testid]");
alternativesApps.forEach(item =>
const metaspansCount = document.querySelectorAll('span.meta').length;
document.querySelectorAll('span.meta')[metaspansCount - 1].parentNode.remove(); // remove last span that contains 'navigation progress'
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leoossa commented Mar 13, 2021

This scriptlet is for displaying all alternative software on on one page.
Use it on[software name]/

Add the above code as a bookmark (paste it as a bookmark URL) and click on it while on
It does not fetch images (yet).

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great idea!

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