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Created April 7, 2015 04:39
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9:30:43 AM ROOMMATE: shrooms are fun
9:30:49 AM BEST FRIEND: yes, yes they are
9:30:55 AM ROOMMATE:[redacted]
9:30:56 AM ROOMMATE: read
9:30:57 AM ROOMMATE: now
9:31:01 AM BEST FRIEND: k
9:31:04 AM ROOMMATE: tell me if that makes sense to you at all
9:32:41 AM BEST FRIEND: i totally understand.
9:32:44 AM BEST FRIEND: 110%
9:32:53 AM BEST FRIEND: sounds like you had a good time
9:32:57 AM ROOMMATE: you're holding back too aren't you
9:32:59 AM ROOMMATE: everyone is
9:33:16 AM ROOMMATE: everyone knows that one little piece that if we comibined it all would be the missing pieces
9:33:28 AM ROOMMATE: the missing commandments from the ark of the covenant
9:33:32 AM BEST FRIEND: critical mass.
9:33:36 AM ROOMMATE: the equation that is the universe
9:33:45 AM ROOMMATE: what about critical mass?
9:33:57 AM BEST FRIEND: once critical mass of people ready to move on is hit, the next evolutionary stage takes place
9:34:08 AM ROOMMATE: like an atomic reaction
9:34:12 AM BEST FRIEND: bingo
9:34:17 AM ROOMMATE: see everything models itself after something else
9:34:28 AM ROOMMATE: which makes me think there IS a plan and there IS a meaning to it all
9:34:36 AM ROOMMATE: but it's just we're not supposed to know the meaning just yet
9:34:54 AM ROOMMATE: dude, when you're here, it's CRITICAL that we do mushrooms together
9:35:02 AM ROOMMATE: perferably just me and you
9:35:07 AM BEST FRIEND: the unfortunate thing is, those who know dont speak ;)
9:35:20 AM BEST FRIEND: indeed. we'll have plenty of time for that i think :)
9:36:04 AM ROOMMATE: see that's where the whole illuminati conspiracy theory takes hold
9:36:42 AM ROOMMATE: see the knight's templar found the ark of the covenant, and hid it because it contained one version of the answer of the question "do you know what i am yet?"
9:36:52 AM ROOMMATE: and they formed the illuminati
9:37:01 AM ROOMMATE: because they realized that we can't make that next leap yet
9:37:11 AM ROOMMATE: so all this fear of the illuminati is pointless
9:37:17 AM ROOMMATE: because it's a GOOD thing they are there
9:37:21 AM ROOMMATE: or else humanity would fail
9:37:29 AM BEST FRIEND: humanity thrives on fear
9:37:39 AM BEST FRIEND: without fear nobody would have any reason to do anything, and we'd all die
9:37:45 AM ROOMMATE: and the evolutionary continuation until singular conciousness, ie god or the universe, would fall to apes
9:37:50 AM ROOMMATE: or something on another planet
9:37:58 AM ROOMMATE: see all conciousness is actually ONE conciousness
9:38:21 AM BEST FRIEND: you have mushroom conciousness atm =)
9:38:28 AM ROOMMATE: hehe
9:38:31 AM ROOMMATE: meaning?
9:39:09 AM BEST FRIEND: everything you're saying and understanding is the same for everyone who does mushrooms. its like a hivemind of mushroomness :)
9:39:09 AM ROOMMATE: see i have a theory that hallucinogens sort of tune your brain like a radio
9:39:17 AM ROOMMATE: so you're closer to the frequency that is the universe
9:39:34 AM BEST FRIEND: i think that theory is probably pretty accurate
9:39:39 AM BEST FRIEND: at least in some ways
9:39:41 AM ROOMMATE: that's also why you can understand things about the universe on mushrooms
9:39:53 AM ROOMMATE: and then forget MOST of but not all of that epiphony later
9:40:19 AM BEST FRIEND: and all you remember is that feeling of knowing, but you no longer understand it heh
9:40:25 AM ROOMMATE: because you move closer to the frequency, but then you move back down to your normal distance
9:40:47 AM BEST FRIEND: "well i DID know all the secrets of the universe, but now i've forgotten them. "
9:40:58 AM ROOMMATE: but see we aren't ready for mushroom conciousness yet
9:41:11 AM ROOMMATE: could you imagine going around your whole life that high
9:41:17 AM ROOMMATE: like normal things you just couldn't do
9:41:19 AM ROOMMATE: drive a car
9:41:22 AM ROOMMATE: walk around
9:41:26 AM ROOMMATE: always a sense of fear and times
9:41:33 AM ROOMMATE: it's the fear that's holding us back you see
9:41:40 AM ROOMMATE: like i'm paranoid right now
9:41:48 AM ROOMMATE: i couldn't function like this forever
9:41:52 AM ROOMMATE: like the dark is scaring me
9:42:04 AM ROOMMATE: but at the same time i'm able to understand GREAT things
9:42:09 AM BEST FRIEND: eventually you'd get used to it i think
9:42:13 AM ROOMMATE: no no
9:42:14 AM ROOMMATE: that's the thing
9:42:18 AM ROOMMATE: i couldn't
9:42:24 AM ROOMMATE: but eventually humanity can
9:42:30 AM ROOMMATE: and who knows, maybe that's part of the next step
9:42:39 AM ROOMMATE: the evolutionary leap
9:42:57 AM ROOMMATE: waylon put it to me best this way
9:43:04 AM BEST FRIEND: the evolutionary leap to mushroom conciousness. i like that.
9:43:16 AM ROOMMATE: it's like there's a line, and every now and then a good thinker comes along and crosses the line
9:43:36 AM ROOMMATE: then acts as a bouncer and moves the line up a foot and says "ok, you can come through, you're not ready yet"
9:43:58 AM ROOMMATE: well see with mushrooms conciousness it's a bit easier to mindread
9:44:09 AM ROOMMATE: it gets you a LITTLE bit closer to telepathy
9:44:20 AM ROOMMATE: see the next evolutionary leap HAS to include telepathy
9:44:33 AM ROOMMATE: and not just telepathy between humans, but with humans and machine
9:44:43 AM ROOMMATE: that's what society craves right now anyways
9:44:48 AM ROOMMATE: NO download time on the internet
9:45:06 AM ROOMMATE: INSTANTANOUS "this is where i want to drive my car to, can you tell me how to get there"
9:45:23 AM ROOMMATE: INSTANTANOUS "I want to talk to mary, can you contact her for me?"
9:45:35 AM ROOMMATE: people want that in their techonolgy right now
9:46:02 AM ROOMMATE: instananeous "i want to watch something that will make me laugh, or cry, or whatever can you show it to me RIGHT NOW"
9:46:37 AM BEST FRIEND: it'll happen sooner or later i think
9:46:48 AM BEST FRIEND: probably later rather than sooner
9:47:05 AM ROOMMATE: see my BIG question right now it
9:47:06 AM ROOMMATE: is
9:47:16 AM ROOMMATE: is it gona be humans that evolve to the point of god
9:47:17 AM ROOMMATE: apes
9:47:21 AM ROOMMATE: dolphins
9:47:26 AM ROOMMATE: even something from this planet?
9:47:28 AM ROOMMATE: computer?
9:47:36 AM ROOMMATE: a combination of different forms of life
9:47:43 AM BEST FRIEND: i dont question that anymore, takes too much effort :)
9:47:48 AM ROOMMATE: cuz we're getting there with cloning and gene splicing
9:47:58 AM ROOMMATE: we have space travel if we need to evacuate earth
9:48:06 AM BEST FRIEND: the universe is such a randomly exquisite place, sponge could be the equivalent of god
9:48:13 AM ROOMMATE: no no
9:48:14 AM BEST FRIEND: but we'd never know because it has no way of telling us
9:48:16 AM ROOMMATE: spone IS god
9:48:19 AM ROOMMATE: AIR is god
9:48:22 AM ROOMMATE: YOU are god
9:48:24 AM ROOMMATE: I am god
9:48:33 AM ROOMMATE: god IS the universe
9:48:37 AM ROOMMATE: it's the same thing, the universe and god
9:48:48 AM BEST FRIEND: i see we agree on one thing hten :)
9:48:57 AM ROOMMATE: and eventually when you evolve and can answer the question of what EXACTLY it all is, you just become god
9:49:04 AM ROOMMATE: but you already were and just didn't realize it
9:49:22 AM BEST FRIEND: its too early for this. i have to go back to sleep i think :)
9:49:23 AM ROOMMATE: that's why majik WORKS dude
9:49:33 AM BEST FRIEND: im ill
9:49:36 AM ROOMMATE: because for a brief instant, you realize that you ARE god then you forget again
9:49:51 AM ROOMMATE: can you save a log of this
9:49:55 AM BEST FRIEND: yeh
9:49:55 AM ROOMMATE: this conversation
9:49:58 AM ROOMMATE: before you leave
9:50:00 AM ROOMMATE: and send it to me?
9:50:05 AM ROOMMATE: i want to remember this
9:50:36 AM BEST FRIEND: oh for sure
9:50:42 AM BEST FRIEND: sending now
9:50:49 AM ROOMMATE: don't send now
9:50:51 AM ROOMMATE: not at home
9:50:52 AM BEST FRIEND: oh k
9:50:59 AM ROOMMATE: keep, send when i request
9:51:04 AM BEST FRIEND: well its all logged so just say when
9:51:16 AM ROOMMATE: with computers, you can have a record of conversations like this
9:51:27 AM ROOMMATE: you can sort of remember what you were thinking
9:51:34 AM ROOMMATE: it's like a snapshot of mushroom conciousness
9:51:38 AM BEST FRIEND: true. however it is limited
9:51:43 AM ROOMMATE: true.
9:51:51 AM BEST FRIEND: context and meaning is often lost in text
9:51:55 AM BEST FRIEND: as is emotion
9:52:07 AM ROOMMATE: it's limited in the sense that you have to have experienced that thought to understand it
9:52:35 AM ROOMMATE: that's why people look at people who are hallucinating like they're crazy
9:52:57 AM ROOMMATE: because they can't comprehend that thought pattern due to not experiencing that thought pattern
9:53:01 AM ROOMMATE: make sure you get this part in too
9:53:05 AM ROOMMATE: in the log
9:53:28 AM BEST FRIEND: its all being logged, dont worry :)
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