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Argyris Margaritis lephleg

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lephleg /
Created November 20, 2022 19:24 — forked from tuxuser/
Sign in to Xbox Live with OAUTH2
Sign in to Xbox Live with OAUTH2
1. Go to
2. Register new app ("+ New registration")
2.1. Enter a name for your app
2.2. Set "Supported account types" to "Personal Microsoft accounts only"
2.3. Click register
2.4. Choose "Redirect URIs" -> "Add a Redirect URI"
2.5. Click "Add a platform" -> "Mobile and desktop applications"
lephleg / gist:f59a5f9ad32e37c96c2ad4a3ef163ee4
Created March 15, 2021 12:42
REST API "object" strings left untouched
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✓ james@compu <WP>/src/wp-includes/rest-api $ ack '(the|this|by) (resource|object)'
fields/class-wp-rest-meta-fields.php:18: * Retrieves the object meta type.
fields/class-wp-rest-meta-fields.php:29: * Retrieves the object type for register_rest_field().
fields/class-wp-rest-meta-fields.php:379: * Retrieves the object's meta schema, conforming to JSON Schema.
endpoints/class-wp-rest-controller.php:36: * Registers the routes for the objects of the controller.
endpoints/class-wp-rest-controller.php:480: * @param string $object_type Optional. The object type.
endpoints/class-wp-rest-controller.php:481: * @return array Registered additional fields (if any), empty array if none or if the object type could
endpoints/class-wp-rest-controller.php:504: * Retrieves the object type this controller is responsible for managing.