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Thierry T. lepiaf

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View Microsoft Mouse 3600
I like this Microsoft “Mobile Mouse” 3600. It connects to my laptop via bluetooth so there’s no need to add a dongle.
It works with Linux but it’s a bit finicky. In this post I’m addressing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. This might seem like moot point because 18.04 LTS is literally right around the corner. However, there a chance it’s meticulous connection procedure will still need to be followed. So here’s how to consistently get it to connect to your computer.
I’ve highlighted all the commands you’ll need to type in bold. The other text is the output you’ll be seeing. The device ID will be different for your 3600 mouse, and it will be different every time you try to pair it. Just be careful to copy and paste off of your screen and not mine 😉
Put your mouse into pairing mode by holding the bottom button down for more than 5 seconds. Then launch the bluetooth control tool from the terminal, and start a scan. Note the ID of BluetoothMouse3600
lepiaf / mysqld_exporter.service
Last active Jul 20, 2018
Prometheus - mysql_exporter systemd
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# /etc/systemd/system/mysql_exporter.service
Description=Mysql Exporter
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go to next tab: ctrl+pgdown
go to previous tab: ctrl+pgup
Key commands in Terminator
Toggle fullscreen: F11
Split terminals horizontally: Ctrl + Shift + O
Split terminals vertically: Ctrl + Shift + E
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lepiaf /
Last active Jul 10, 2017
run command in screen
command description
screen -S import create screen with name
ctrl + a + d exit screen
screen -r import return into screen by name
ctrl + d delete current screen
lepiaf / server.conf
Created May 28, 2017
Dibble configuration for DHCPv6
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# Logging level range: 1(Emergency)-8(Debug)
log-level 7
# Don't log full date
log-mode short
# set preference of this server to 0 (higher = more prefered)
preference 0
iface eth0 {
// also ranges can be defines, instead of exact values
lepiaf / radvd.conf
Created May 28, 2017
radvd configuration for hurricane electric 6to4 tunnel
View radvd.conf
interface eth0
AdvSendAdvert on;
MinRtrAdvInterval 3;
MaxRtrAdvInterval 10;
prefix 2001:db8:dead:beef::/64
AdvOnLink on;
AdvAutonomous on;
AdvRouterAddr on;
lepiaf / unbound.conf
Last active May 14, 2021
Unbound configuration IPv4 and IPv6
View unbound.conf
interface: ::0
access-control: allow
access-control: allow
access-control: 2001:db8:dead:beef::/48 allow
# unbound optimisation
num-threads: 4