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Batched producer/consumer
import asyncio
import async_timeout
import concurrent.futures
import random
import time
async def produce(queue, n):
for x in range(n):
# produce an item
print('producing {}/{}'.format(x, n))
# simulate i/o operation using sleep
await asyncio.sleep(random.random())
item = str(x)
# put the item in the queue
await queue.put(item)
async def consume(loop, queue, executor):
def markdone(queue, n):
return lambda fut: [queue.task_done() for _ in range(n)]
while True:
# wait for an item from the producer
items = []
with async_timeout.timeout(2):
while len(items) < 5:
item = await queue.get()
print('consuming {}...'.format(item))
except asyncio.TimeoutError:
print("Producer done or not fast enough, proceed.")
if items:
print('→ batch {}...'.format(len(items)))
task = loop.run_in_executor(executor, time.sleep, random.random())
task.add_done_callback(markdone(queue, len(items)))
async def run(loop, n):
executor = concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=3)
queue = asyncio.Queue()
# schedule the consumer
consumer_coro = consume(loop, queue, executor)
consumer = asyncio.ensure_future(consumer_coro)
# run the producer and wait for completion
await produce(queue, n)
# wait until the consumer has processed all items
await queue.join()
# the consumer is still awaiting for an item, cancel it
if __name__ == "__main__":
loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
loop.run_until_complete(run(loop, 13))
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