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for cid in 2a0b9078-a798-4f37-b5f3-9cd7eebda544 66cd6e46-e925-413d-a992-d725703ff65f 3db1da84-a687-4c3f-bc06-e57829fe9629 1484aaaa-6d94-4a96-bd08-fd9aab2deaa2 qatest-2 qatest2 qatest qatest1 qatest123 0800b409-53ec-4987-b22d-15e990a7d405 baidvv4w3v5tap7y bicyolhzprhvu4ey bmduchjvfkgusq6a bjyzvcvzeuzacyty 50c3b114-8fb6-4dec-a262-bd36e8e97d1f 0b568598-079d-4cb6-95b0-d4a6c3296b4d 182f2e43-6af7-447a-b38b-72eaf810476f qa-test abc BtkWLaXr ivufVz0q eFh34Dtz DKCqLcZk; do
curl -X DELETE $SERVER/v1/buckets/main-workspace/groups/$cid-editors -u $USERPWD
curl -X DELETE $SERVER/v1/buckets/main-workspace/groups/$cid-reviewers -u $USERPWD
curl -X DELETE $SERVER/v1/buckets/main-workspace/collections/$cid -u $USERPWD
curl -X DELETE $SERVER/v1/buckets/main-preview/collections/$cid -u $USERPWD
curl -X DELETE $SERVER/v1/buckets/main/collections/$cid -u $USERPWD
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