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Last active Feb 13, 2020
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Authlib v0.13 Changes

Client Auth

  1. authlib.oauth2.ClientAuth.register_auth_method is removed
  2. OAuth2Client.register_client_auth_method is redesigned

The method register_session_client_auth_method in rfc7523 is deprecated. Instead of using register_session_client_auth_method, developers can import authlib.oauth2.rfc7523.ClientSecretJWT and authlib.oauth2.rfc7523.PrivateKeyJWT.


from authlib.oauth2.rfc7523 import register_session_client_auth_method
from authlib.client import OAuth2Session

session = OAuth2Session(
    'your-client-id', 'your-client-secret',
# just one hook here


from authlib.oauth2.rfc7523 import ClientSecretJWT
from authlib.integrations.requests_client import OAuth2Session

session = OAuth2Session(
    'your-client-id', 'your-client-secret',


We moved our requests client, flask client/servers, and django client/servers into integrations folder. Which means:


from authlib.client import OAuth1Session, OAuth2Session
from authlib.flask.client import OAuth, RemoteApp
from authlib.flask.oauth1 import AuthorizationServer, ResourceProtector
from authlib.flask.oauth2 import AuthorizationServer, ResourceProtector
from authlib.django.client import OAuth, RemoteApp
from authlib.django.oauth1 import AuthorizationServer, ResourceProtector
from authlib.django.oauth2 import AuthorizationServer, ResourceProtector


from authlib.integrations.requests_client import OAuth1Session, OAuth2Session
from authlib.integrations.flask_client import OAuth, RemoteApp
from authlib.integrations.flask_oauth1 import AuthorizationServer, ResourceProtector
from authlib.integrations.flask_oauth2 import AuthorizationServer, ResourceProtector
from authlib.integrations.django_client import OAuth, RemoteApp
from authlib.integrations.django_oauth1 import AuthorizationServer, ResourceProtector
from authlib.integrations.django_oauth2 import AuthorizationServer, ResourceProtector

This is a compatible change, Authlib will display a deprecated message for you.


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