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Python Timer Class - Context Manager for Timing Code Blocks
import logging
from contextlib import contextmanager
from timeit import default_timer
time_logger = logging.getLogger(__package__ + ".timer")
def timed_code(name=None):
next_unit = iter(("s", "ms", "ns", "us")).next
msg = "section %s took" % (name,) if name else "section took"
t0 = default_timer()
yield msg
if local.conf.debug_timings:
delta = default_timer() - t0
unit = next_unit()
while delta < 1:
delta *= 1000.0
unit = next_unit()
except StopIteration:
break"%s: %.2f%s", msg, delta, unit)
with timed_code("zzz"):
from time import sleep
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