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Need Help? - Haskell IRC Channel

funrep commented Sep 28, 2013

Write yourself a Scheme in 48 hours. A tutorial that takes a practical approach to teach Haskell, assumes basic knowledge of Haskell though(read the first few chapters in LYAH in advance and it'll be fine).

It's a highly recommended read for people who use Haskell as first language. It told me essentially how you attack problems with programming.

cies commented Sep 28, 2013

Nice list!

I really like the style and approachability of this introduction:


leroux commented Sep 29, 2013

@klrr and @cies, thanks for you recommendations. I've added them to the list.

The Haskell School of Music, From Signals to Symphonies - version 2.5, January 2013


leroux commented Oct 2, 2013

@aloiscochard, @marinelli: Added, thanks.

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