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Deploy snapshots to Sonatype after Travis CI build
language: java
- SONATYPE_USERNAME=yourusername
- secure: "your encrypted SONATYPE_PASSWORD=pass"
- python
- mvn clean deploy --settings ~/.m2/mySettings.xml
  1. encrypt your sonatype oss password with travis encrypt -r user/repo SONATYPE_PASSWORD=pass
  2. put somewhere in your repository
  3. add the relevant lines to your .travis.yml

Deployment will only happen when the build was successful and the encrypted variables are available (= no deployment for pull requests etc.). If the deployment itself was unsuccessful, then the build still passes.

If you only want to deploy for certain branches, use shell scripting like:

  - "[[ $TRAVIS_BRANCH == \"master\" ]] && { python travis/; mvn clean deploy --settings ~/.m2/mySettings.xml; };"

Warning: This will deploy multiple times if you use the matrix functionality, see the issue.

#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
import os
import os.path
import xml.dom.minidom
if os.environ["TRAVIS_SECURE_ENV_VARS"] == "false":
print "no secure env vars available, skipping deployment"
homedir = os.path.expanduser("~")
m2 = xml.dom.minidom.parse(homedir + '/.m2/settings.xml')
settings = m2.getElementsByTagName("settings")[0]
serversNodes = settings.getElementsByTagName("servers")
if not serversNodes:
serversNode = m2.createElement("servers")
serversNode = serversNodes[0]
sonatypeServerNode = m2.createElement("server")
sonatypeServerId = m2.createElement("id")
sonatypeServerUser = m2.createElement("username")
sonatypeServerPass = m2.createElement("password")
idNode = m2.createTextNode("sonatype-nexus-snapshots")
userNode = m2.createTextNode(os.environ["SONATYPE_USERNAME"])
passNode = m2.createTextNode(os.environ["SONATYPE_PASSWORD"])
m2Str = m2.toxml()
f = open(homedir + '/.m2/mySettings.xml', 'w')

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phax commented Nov 16, 2015

Thanks a lot for the information - I found them very helpful!
I may add 2 suggestions:

  1. You may want to add -DskipTests=true to the mvn commandline, as tests usually ran before
  2. The name sonatype-nexus-snapshots in the Python script might be changed, if you renamed the SNAPSHOT repository differently in your parent POM. E.g. in my parent POM XML I have the following lines:

therefore I needed to modify line 28 of the script to:

idNode = m2.createTextNode("ossrh")

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eeichinger commented Dec 11, 2015

you can remove the need for - I simply checked in a settings.xml with my project using maven property variables

<!-- settings.xml -->
            <!-- Maven Central Deployment -->

then use the same travis encrypt -r <user/repo> SONATYPE_PASSWORD=pass --add command to add those env variables to .travis.yml

and finally run the deploy using mvn deploy --settings settings.xml

-- .travis.yml
  - mvn deploy --settings settings.xml

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phax commented Jan 14, 2016

@eeichinger I like your approach - it's basically much simpler and works also nicely :)
The only suggestion for improvement I have is to change the deploy command to

mvn deploy --settings travis-settings.xml -DskipTests=true -B

so that tests are not executed (again) and to use Maven Batch mode (-B)

@edit: maybe adding a special Maven profile might also be a good idea in certain cases (add e.g. -P travis-deploy)

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