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The Blocks Must Flow

Duke Leto leto

The Blocks Must Flow
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leto / getchaintxstats-271077.json
Created Aug 1, 2020
HUSH Chain stats as of block 271077
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"time": 1596297581,
"txcount": 528044,
"window_final_block_hash": "000000014603a44109982483ab90c68a7db2d587ba426560b3d4659da8656ab8",
"window_final_block_height": 271077,
"window_block_count": 17280,
"notarizations": 42456,
"shielded_txcount": 41501,
"fully_shielded_txcount": 4592,
"deshielding_txcount": 12922,
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Last active Aug 2, 2020
Bitcoin Halving Calculations

Bitcoin Halving Is Not Every Four Years!

It's close, but not exactly! Let's discover why.

Block Time

Bitcoin has a block time of 600 seconds (10 minutes).

Halving Interval

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Last active Jul 31, 2020
Hush 3.5.0 testing

Hush 3.5.0 Testing

Most important things to test on Hush dev branch:

  • z2z, can be tested with -z2zheight param
  • Block time changing from 150s to 75s

Both of the above will happen at Block 340K on mainnet, but we can test things out by making a chain fork with the above CLI option.

leto / getchaintxstats.json
Created Jul 17, 2020
Hush getchaintxstats July 17 2020
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"time": 1595021521,
"txcount": 513776,
"window_final_block_hash": "00000001eef63c2e6a6a0f7ea51e4bd48cd097d1cf57c7ab878437c2e0d86a89",
"window_final_block_height": 262652,
"window_block_count": 17280,
"notarizations": 41255,
"shielded_txcount": 39925,
"fully_shielded_txcount": 4258,
"deshielding_txcount": 12762,
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Last active Jun 26, 2020


Features of HushChat:

  • No phone numbers 🔒
  • No centralized web servers ⛓️
  • No US-based organization
  • No Javascript in our desktop full or lite wallets 🚫
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Last active Jun 16, 2020
New hushchat version

SilentDragonLine v1.3.5

  • 🚀 New BLAKE3 hash crazy fast speedups
    • 🔥 Startup decryption of wallet is faster
    • 🔥 Sending every HushChat to a contact is faster!
    • 🔥 Rendering old chat history is faster
  • 🛡️ wallet.dat now encrypted while wallet is running!
    • 👎 All Zcash/Pirate/etc wallets decrypt on disk, and don't even encrypt all the contents
  • 😎 HUSH is by far the most private and secure Zcash Protocol coin
leto /
Last active Dec 31, 2020
Privacy Coin notes


TLDR: ECC profits directly from their own users lack of privacy.

  • The company behind Zcash, Electric Coin Company, works directly with Law Enforcement and blockchain analysis companies, whose largest customers are Law Enforcement Organizations (LEOs).
  • This is the Military-Industrial-Surveillance complex, where ECC directly profits from their users lack of privacy
  • The Hush community finds this to be an egregious conflict-of-interest
  • What follows are important summaries and quotes from this video:

View gist:edc3ac7a02657c3dc8662ec6ec1561c5
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Last active May 17, 2020
Hush Sapling Consolidation Changes

Hush Sapling Consolidation

This will describe how Hush Sapling consolidation is different from the original implementation by CryptoForge of ZER.

  • fee=0 is not used unconditionally, it's only used when it's required, such as consolidating zutxos less than 1 txfee
    • Hush uses the heuristic "if the zutxo is less than 1 default txfee, use fee=0" very strategically, because it makes all zutxos under 1 tx fee look similar.
    • If instead we did "use a fee just small enough", that would leak more metadata
    • After extensive research into all the options, the above seems to leak the least metadata on the chain as a whole
  • It does leak metadata in that you can identify fee=0 transactions as being likely to be "dust" being consolidated