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Created March 19, 2015 01:06
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* The program should be able to calculate the energy required to move two charges
* near eachother with a starting distance.
* Created by: Austin Walters
# include <stdio.h>
# include <math.h>
# define ke 8.98755e9
/* Charge of units being brought in going from top left clockwise*/
double q_1;
double q_2;
double r; /* Final distance */
double R; /* Original distance */
double x; /* Value of origional configuration */
double y; /* Value of final configuration */
double U; /* Potential Energy */
printf("This program only works to calculate the energy required to group");
printf("two charges in and calculate the energy required, from a set starting distance");
printf("and end distance \n");
printf("Enter the charge of q, please take only the single value of q.");
printf("Here is an example: if there is something such as 2q and q being q =");
printf("3.2e-5c, you only need to have 3.2e-5, adding in the C will cause a malfunction.\n");
printf("\nIf the charge comes from a distance infinity enter 9999 for origional distance\n\n");
printf("q1 (Charge One) > ");
scanf("%lf", &q_1);
printf("q2 (Charge Two) > ");
scanf("%lf", &q_2);
printf("Please enter the origional distance in meters. > ");
scanf("%lf", &R);
printf("Please enter the final distance in meters. > ");
scanf("%lf", &r);
if(R == 9999){
U = ((ke*(q_1)*(q_2)) / (R));
x = ((ke*((q_1)*(q_2))) / (R));
y = ((ke*((q_1)*(q_2))) / (r));
U = (y - x);
printf("The total energy required to bring the charges to the configuration is");
printf("\n> %.9f Joules\n\n", U);
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