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Levi Wilson leviwilson

  • Northwoods
  • Berthoud, CO
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*.csproj -text merge=union
*.sln -text merge=union
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require 'gametel'
Gametel.apk_path = "../app/bin/CoPilot-debug.apk"
Gametel.start "_AppActivity"
@driver = Gametel.default_driver
@platform = @driver.platform
def tag_for(item, list, which_image=0)
@platform.get_view_by_index('android.widget.ListView', list) do |d|
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#ifndef MemLeakCheckingTest_h
#define MemLeakCheckingTest_h
#include <gtest/gtest.h>
#if defined(WIN32) && defined(_DEBUG)
// Used to redirect _CrtXXX functions output to stderr, instead of the MSVC
// trace window.
int __cdecl crtReportHook(int reportType, char *szMsg, int *retVal)