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Last active July 28, 2022 09:05
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Dedupe a Maildir with X-TUID headers
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -euo pipefail
# After some strange combination of OfflineIMAP & mbsync/isync created a whole
# bunch of duplicate messages in my Fastmail account I had to start cleaning things
# up. I discovered that the duplicates all had X-TUID headers and were showing up
# totally out of order in the Fastmail UI. I now run mbsync with `CopyArrivalDate yes`
# which appears prevents this from occurring again.
# I found that every message with an X-TUID header had a matching message without
# the header, so I can simply delete those.
# Additionally I had some really old emails from ~1998 that barely had any headers
# and I needed to add a Date header which I construct based on either the Delivery-date
# or Message-Id header. You probably don't want this and should disable it.
# Requires fdupes, rename, gsed, ack & (another gist)
# MAKE A BACKUP OF ${MAILDIR} before you begin!
TMPDIR="$(mktemp -d)"
echo "== Working on \"${MAILDIR}\" in \"${TMPDIR}\""
echo -n "== Stripping UIDs from filenames... "
find "${MAILDIR}" -type f -exec rename 's/,U=[1-9][0-9]*.*:/:/' {} +
sleep 10
echo "done"
echo "== Finding duplicate messages"
find "${MAILDIR}" -type d -exec fdupes -pH1 {} >> "${DUPES0}" \;
echo "== Found $(wc -l "${DUPES0}" | awk '{print $1}') duplicated files"
echo -n "== Finding messages with X-TUID header... "
ag -l '^X-TUID:' "${MAILDIR}" > "${XTUIDS}"
echo "$(wc -l "${XTUIDS}" | awk '{print $1}') found"
echo -n "== Stripping X-TUID header from messages... "
cat "${XTUIDS}" | xargs -n 4 -P 16 gsed -i '/^X-TUID:.*/d'
echo "done"
echo "== Finding duplicate messages"
find "${MAILDIR}" -type d -exec fdupes -pH1 {} >> "${DUPES1}" \;
echo "== Found $(wc -l "${DUPES1}" | awk '{print $1}') duplicated files"
echo -n "== Finding dupes that previously had X-TUID header... "
# pure Bash was too slow here. Should have just written the whole thing in Python...
./ "${XTUIDS}" "${DUPES1}" "${DUPES}" "${ORIGS}"
echo -n "== Deleting X-TUID dupes... "
cat "${DUPES}" | xargs -n 64 -P 16 rm -f
echo "done"
echo -n "== Finding messages with no Date header... "
#ag -iL '^Date:' "${MAILDIR}" > "${MISSING_DATES}" || true # 295 matches TODO: file a fucking bug
#grep -irL '^Date:' "${MAILDIR}" > "${MISSING_DATES}" || true # 51 matches
ack -iL '^Date:' "${MAILDIR}" > "${MISSING_DATES}" || true # 51 matches
echo "$(wc -l "${MISSING_DATES}" | awk '{print $1}') found"
echo -n "== Faking up Date header based on Delivery-date or Message-Id... "
for f in $(cat "${MISSING_DATES}"); do
if grep -i '^Delivery-date:' "${f}" 2>&1 > /dev/null; then
date="$(grep -i '^Delivery-date:' "${f}" | gsed 's/Delivery-date://')"
# This likely won't work for many as it expects a specific Message-Id format
date="$(TZ=GMT date -j -R -f "%Y%m%d%H%M%S" "$(awk -F\. '/^Message-Id:.*<Version.32/ {print $3}' "${f}"|head -1)")"
date="$(echo "${date}" | xargs)"
gsed -i "/^From:/i Date: ${date}" "${f}"
touch_date="$(date -j -f "%a, %d %b %Y %T %z" "${date}" +%Y%m%d%H%M)"
touch -t "${touch_date}" "${f}"
echo "done"
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