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@lfoppiano lfoppiano/
Created Mar 6, 2019

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prodigy recipe
import prodigy
from prodigy.components.loaders import JSONL
from prodigy.util import split_string
source=("The source data as a JSONL file", "positional", None, str),
label=("One or more comma-separated labels", "option", "l", split_string))
def superconductors_detection(dataset, source=None, label=None):
if source:
stream = JSONL(source)
# else:
# stream = add_options(stream)
def progress(session, total):
return total / 10000
return {
'dataset': dataset,
'view_id': 'ner_manual',
'stream': stream,
'config': {
'label': ', '.join(label) if label is not None else 'all',
'labels': label # Selectable label options
'progress': progress
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