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Millennials just wanna have 🥑s

Lucas lfzawacki

Millennials just wanna have 🥑s
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lfzawacki / Dockerfile.kaldi-pt
Created December 20, 2022 19:01
Vosk Server Dockerfile
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FROM alphacep/kaldi-vosk-server:latest
RUN mkdir /opt/vosk-model-pt_BR \
&& cd /opt/vosk-model-pt_BR \
&& wget -q \
&& unzip \
&& mv vosk-model-pt-fb-v0.1.1-20220516_2113 model \
&& rm -rf
lfzawacki /
Last active June 18, 2020 20:56
Generic Component API
lfzawacki /
Last active July 28, 2019 21:10
Cybrics: Construction - write-up


Challenge description

Added at 14:40 UTC: to save some guessing, flag is inside the listening Python script.

Hello test subject # 49277. The next pwning room is not yet complete, so you should just wait here and not enter it until further notice.

ssh testsubject@

Password: LabRat#49277

lfzawacki / back-from-audio
Last active July 7, 2017 04:02
Stop useless stuff for music production in Ubuntu Linux (actually Mint)
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# Re-enable uneeded services for music
pulseaudio -D
sudo service samba start
sudo service saned start
sudo service smbd start
sudo service nmbd start
lfzawacki /
Last active December 3, 2015 19:40
Links to Learn Ruby
lfzawacki /
Created August 7, 2015 00:37
Using local Gemfiles

Using local Gemfiles

This is useful if you're working on a project with other developers and want to use different gems locally that you don't have to commit to the repository.

Get the Gemfile.local file

From this repository The rest the instructions here are mostly based on what is written there with some modifications.

lfzawacki /
Last active August 29, 2015 14:23
#!/bin/bash -e
echo " --- Download and check sha256 sum"
lfzawacki / alarm.ino
Last active August 29, 2015 14:18
Introdução a Programação com Arduino (28/03/15)
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Por Lucas Zawacki e galera da oficina de introdução a Arduino
const int buttonPin = 2;
const int buzzerPin = 11;
const int sensorPin = 4;
const int ledPin = 13;
lfzawacki / user.rb
Created March 3, 2015 20:01
Users logged last month
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class User < ActiveRecord::Base
def self.login_last_month { |u| u.last_sign_in_at && (u.last_sign_in_at + 30.days) >= }.count
View Install BBB-HTML5
In a new Ubuntu Trusty lxc-container:
sudo lxc-create -t ubuntu -n bbb-html5 -- -r trusty
Install BBB090:
Install development stuff:
Install nodejs