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List<Status> statuses = new()
new(Category.Normal, new(20, false, 20)),
new(Category.Warning, new(20, false, 60)),
new(Category.Danger, new(20, true, 60)),
new(Category.Danger, new(100, false, 20))
foreach (Status status in statuses)
string message = status switch
{Category: Category.Normal} => "Let the good times roll",
{Category: Category.Warning, Reading.PM25: >50 and <100} =>
"Check the air filters",
{Reading.PM25: >200 } => "There must be a fire somewhere.
Don't go outside.",
{Reading.SmokeDetected: true } => "We have a fire!",
{Category: Category.Danger} => "Something is badly wrong",
_ => "Unknown status"
record struct Reading(int Temperature, bool SmokeDetected, int PM25);
record struct Status(Category Category, Reading Reading);
enum Category
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