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Created April 12, 2012 16:07
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MSpec in
Public Class Account
Public Property Balance() As Decimal
Public Sub Transfer(ByVal amount As Decimal, ByVal toAccount As Account)
If amount > Balance Then
Throw New Exception(String.Format("Cannot transfer ${0}. The available balance is ${1}.", amount, Balance))
End If
toAccount.Balance += amount
Balance -= amount
End Sub
End Class
using System;
namespace Machine.Specifications.Example
[Subject(typeof(Account), "Funds transfer")]
public class when_transferring_between_two_accounts
: AccountSpecs
Because of = () =>
fromAccount.Transfer(1m, toAccount);
It should_debit_the_from_account_by_the_amount_transferred = () =>
It should_credit_the_to_account_by_the_amount_transferred = () =>
[Subject(typeof(Account), "Funds transfer"), Tags("failure")]
public class when_transferring_an_amount_larger_than_the_balance_of_the_from_account
: AccountSpecs
static Exception exception;
Because of =()=>
exception = Catch.Exception(()=>fromAccount.Transfer(2m, toAccount));
It should_not_allow_the_transfer =()=>
public class failure {}
public abstract class AccountSpecs
protected static Account fromAccount;
protected static Account toAccount;
Establish context =()=>
fromAccount = new Account {Balance = 1m};
toAccount = new Account {Balance = 1m};
Imports Machine.Specifications
Public MustInherit Class AccountSpecs
Protected Shared fromAccount As Account
Protected Shared toAccount As Account
Friend context As Establish = (Sub()
fromAccount = New Account() With {.Balance = 1D}
toAccount = New Account() With {.Balance = 1D}
End Sub)
End Class
<Subject(GetType(Account), "Funds transfer")> _
Public Class when_transferring_between_two_accounts
Inherits AccountSpecs
Friend [of] As Because = (Sub()
fromAccount.Transfer(1D, toAccount)
End Sub)
Friend should_debit_the_from_account_by_the_amount_transferred As It = (Sub()
End Sub)
Friend should_credit_the_to_account_by_the_amount_transferred As It = (Sub()
End Sub)
End Class
<Subject(GetType(Account), "Funds transfer"), Tags("Failure")> _
Public Class when_transferring_an_amount_larger_than_the_balance_of_the_from_account
Inherits AccountSpecs
Shared exception As Exception
Friend [of] As Because = (Sub()
exception = [Catch].Exception((Sub()
fromAccount.Transfer(2D, toAccount)
End Sub))
End Sub)
Friend should_not_allow_the_transfer As It = (Sub()
exception.ShouldBeOfType(Of Exception)()
End Sub)
End Class
Imports Machine.Specifications
<Subject("Recent Account Activity Summary page")> _
Public Class when_a_customer_first_views_the_account_summary_page
Friend should_display_all_account_transactions_for_the_past_thirty_days As It
Friend should_display_debit_amounts_in_red_text As It
Friend should_display_deposit_amounts_in_black_text As It
End Class
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